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A Sneak Peak

So today, I’m giving you a sneak peak for an item that I’m creating for a project for DMC Threads. I love how it (so far) came out.

Oh, I love this, don’t you? These are crocheted beads. Can’t tell you too much, or I’d have to kill you. And I’m a peace-nick, so can’t have that.

Today, there is not much to say, except that I am really growing weary of this damned cold weather. I really just plain do not like it. And I’m really on a cooking kick lately. What’s your favorite site for getting recipes? I have my Larouse Gastronomique, a Julia Child Cookbook, and the Food Network. Those are my go-to places. Other than that, sometimes I dig thru my books based on my cravings, LOL.

Speaking of craving, lately I’ve been really into milkshakes. You know who makes them the best? White Castle. OMG. If you don’t live near one, you should move just so you can. Their cheese sticks where my drug when I was pregnant with Dakota! Man. All this talk about food is because I am actually quite hungry. Sorry about that. I should stick to talking about art, at least that won’t get me hungry! LOL!


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Embroidered Holiday Ornament

Today I just finished a christmas ornament, for a swap I’m in on swap-bot.

I titled today’s post as a “holiday” ornament, because this ornament is holiday neutral, so you can make this for Christmas or Kwanzaa.

I just designed it freehand. It’s a simple enough design for anyone to recreate.

As always, I used DMC Threads. I would tell you which colorways, but the labels ran off in the hands of my little one. So I must leave you to guess which color is which.

You like it?

The Craftaholic

Silk Flower Bib Necklace

I recently finished up a sample for a workshop I’m teaching.

It’s lovely, right?

You want to learn how to make one? You can join us in person or you can purchase a workshop in a box, and make one in your home, with your PJs on!

Cool, right?

The Craftaholic

Day 322: An Embroidered Hamsa Talisman


“In other words, if someone remains in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, external surroundings can cause them limited disturbance.”

-The Dalai Lama

A verse for the the man I see, frenzied and hurried:

I wish you peace

and when I see you speak loudly on your expensive telephone

I wish you peace


wish you peace when you worry about everything

when you worry about things that are

out of your control

because you see,

peace comes not from a happy situation

but in your ability to be


even through the storm

like the trees

they move

they waiver

but they stay


Even if their branches break

they stay


So, my frienzied friend,

stay rooted

in whatever it is you believe in

and if you believe in nothing

start believing

in something

because life is bigger

and grander

and better

than we could ever imagine

with our human senses and our

small brains

Today, I did some embroidery work. I actually really love doing embroidery. It’s so much fun, and so easy for me!

I made an embroidered Hamsa talisman. Click here to find out what a hamsa is. Anyway, here it is:

Do you like it?

I used DMC Thread Colors: 930, 3722 and 932. The pendant in the middle is a millifiore pendant from Fire Mountain Gems.

I did post a template for the hamsa, to my scribd account, and here it is. You’ll excuse the raw sharpie drawing.

What else? Oh, here’s a couple cheesy pictures of my daughter dancing. This time we were dancing to Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side”. What a good song.

Yes, she has no pants on. It’s better that way.

Here’s one in action.

haha, she’s so funny. The TV was on, and she insisted on leaving it on, tho I did mute it so we can hear Mr. Lou Reed properly.

I hope you liked my thing for today!

The Craftaholic

Day 294: Embroidered Matroyshka Doll


“It is wrong to expect some final satisfaction to come from money or from a computer.”

-The Dalai Lama

But we do, don’t we? We expect things. Expectations are what lead to disappointment, especially when it comes to money. I never worry about money, not because I have a lot (because I don’t). I never worry about money because the truth is, it goes as easily as it comes.

It’s wrong to think that your life will be better with money. Life is better when you make it better. It’s not about money, it’s about your attitude toward life, and how you see your future, and what you do with your life.

Today, I did a bit of embroidery work. I of course, used DMC threads.

You like it?

This doll is for a workshop I’m teaching at Sacred Vibes Apothecary in Brooklyn, NY.

You can call them to sign up for it: (718) 284-2890.

This is a “passion” doll. She embodies everything that I am passionate about. The colors are symbolic, and she’s stuffed with herbs, money, and beads.

The beads represent my art, the herbs represent different things (depending on the herb), and the money represents my desire to allow my passions to “pay my rent” so to speak.

Anyhow, that’s what this doll is.

The doll has one eye, which is “The evil eye”. The evil eye is an old superstitious symbol that supposedly protects from bad vibes. I struggled with the eyes, so I just gave her this.

Yesterday, my little one and I went to the park.

It was hot, but fun.

Today, we’re going to manhattan. I never dropped of the samples for that class, so I’m doing that today. But I’m going to be frugal and pack my own lunch. It’s more eco friendly that way, right? Then I can buy some ice cream.

Oh! The peanut butter pie was made and devoured.

Here’s a link to a good recipe for it.

The Craftaholic

Day 272: A Poem & A Video Tute!

Quote: “Never in this world can hatred be stilled by hatred; it will be stilled by non-hatred – this is the law Eternal.” -The Buddha

I didn’t always love you

i only tolerated you

glared at you, seething with anger

and I didn’t always love you I didn’t always care

I thought that the hatred would make you suffer

would make you look at me

but you never did look

But uhmmmm

I don’t think that I’ll hate you


I like to love

I like happy

I like smiles

And I

will try to



even through the crap

So that’s my thoughts for today. Today, I had a workshop with my craft group. And guess what? I made a video.

This is my friend Grace. She loves jewelry almost as much as I do, and also loves owls, almost as much as I do.

A picture of hands working is always meaningful, I think.

And without further ado, here is the video I shot of our meetup today!

I know it’s a little “raw”, but no worries. Practice makes perfect. Right?

Here’s my finished critter:

Here’s the LINK to download the template for this little critter.

That’s all for now, as my daughter is calling for my attention. I hope you like the video, and the template!

The Craftaholic

Day 254: Embellished Canvas Bag


“If you have too much expectation, you may come away disappointed.” -The Dalai Lama

Let’s get this straight: expectations are different than goals. Goals are things you strive for, expectations are the way you want things to go. It’s one thing to plan for the future, and have a 401K, and put some money away. Those are good things. But it is another thing completely to then say, “this boyfriend better buy me flowers, and remember my birthday”. Those, are expectations. Expectations are always sadly forlorn. Truly.

The truth is, what I always say: who cares. Life is so short. Too short. We live such a short life on earth to be preoccupied with ideas that we and the media and our community put on us. You know?  It’s like SARK says in one of her books: when going out some place, instead of saying, “I’m going out, and I’m going to have a GREAT time! Just say, “I’m going out to have a time”. Or something like that. You know what I’m trying to say?

Most of our disappointments in people and things have to do with what we expect from the said people or things. It’s not about raising or lowering your expectations. It’s about not having expectations in the first place.

Today, I worked with Adela, my sewing machine. I named her that because when I work with fiber art, it reminds me of my grandmother, who was an amazing crochet queen, and original domestic goddess. I miss her a lot.

I made this bag, from these AWESOME blank canvas bags from DMC Threads! Very cool.

I love this fabric. I got it from a swap I had recently!

Does this not look awesome as heck? The nice thing about the DMC Canvas bags is that they are quite sturdy, and roomy! I had bought some a while back, and they were not sturdy at all, although they were rather cheap. AND the DMC Canvas bags have the embroidery canvas in the front middle, for those of you who do cross stitch. Cool, right? Enough commercials, though.

Something weird happened the other day. I was on the train, waiting for the eternal A train, to go uptown, when I saw one of my old bosses walking the other way. He had what I call a very “generic white boy” look, which just means blond with blue eyes. So I had to do a double take to be sure it was him. And then, he must have thought I was peeking at his (non exsistent) cuteness! He not only did NOT remember me, but also looked at me like he thought I’m cute! It was a weird moment one because I’ve gained a little weight, and my daughter was with me, also. Normally men don’t look at me so much when she’s with me. I mean, you know. I’m married. You know? But one thing about New York City, is that men here could care less. Wedding ring or no wedding ring, they still love those archaic cat calls.

The Craftaholic

Day 253: A little of Everything


“Smile if you want a smile from another face.” -The Dalai Lama

Yeah man. If you want positivity to surround you, it friggin starts with you. Sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve never been one to mince words. You know? In these 253 days, I’ve learned one thing: whatever you want, you must create within yourself. It starts within you. With you. You know?

I think we just become jaded, little by little, day by day, grey hair by grey hair. That’s why our children are born so innocent, so happy and at peace. Because that is what we are born to have. We all are born with what we need.

A friend of mine once told me something so profound, I still think about it. I was sitting at dinner with her, and my newborn Dakota in my arms. I was telling her how I missed my grandmother, who helped raise me, and to me, will always be another mother. I told her that I didn’t think Dakota would have a grandmother like that. And she told me, “what if SHE (meaning Dakota) IS your grandmother?”.  So I think about that all the time.

I mean, look at how children handle things. They don’t hold grudges unless you teach them to. They don’t curse or learn hatred unless you teach them. And sure, some of us worry wart parents try to shelter our kids from things like sugar, and bullies on the playground. But life is life. My point is, that we must always remember the purity that we were born with. It’s still there. It’s just buried under the worry, the stress, the bills, the car, the mortgage, the bad neighbors….

Find it. Breathe in, close your eyes, and find it. Look for that innocence that were were born with, that purity that doesn’t judge, and even know how to hate.

That’s what I think.

Today, I did a little of everything. I worked on the graphics for my zine, Craftaholic. I am TOTALLY excited for it. I worked on getting some more content for it, too. And even though the first issue doesn’t come out until June 5, I am ALREADY thinking of the next issue, which is going to be “The Fiber Issue”. So, if you fancy yourself a fabric or fiber artist, please email me at thecraftaholic (at) gmail dot com!

What else? I worked on the finishing touches for that baby book.

I got a HUGE box of goodies, from DMC (whom I design for). I’m working on a project for tomorrow’s post, and a HUGE project for next month’s issue of CRAFTAHOLIC mag. The Zine, if you’re curious, will be sold online. Soon enough, I’ll be having my OWN WEBSITE. Yes folks, I am REALLY excited about this.

Today’s a rainy day again. Hmmm. I made Pumpkin Muffins this morning. That was fun.

What else? Today’s a work in progress kind of day. I’m finishing things. Anything interesting that you all are finishing today? Or starting?

The Craftaholic

Day 249: Hand Embroidered Baby Book


“A good friend who points out mistakes and imperfections and rebukes evil is to be respected as if he reveals a secret of hidden treasure.” -The Buddha

I had this happen to me. You know, there is a difference between telling your friend the truth, and being a little jealous. We women are so competitive of each other. you tell your friend, oh guess what, blah blah blah…and she automatically tries to top you! Or worst, she inadvertantly belittles it.

For example, you tell your friend, “oh, I’m going to teach at this scrapbook store in manhattan!” and she says, “oh THAT place. Isn’t it far from the trains?” Or something like that. That is so annoying. That’s not what I mean when I say I’m telling you the truth in love.

I had a friend who did something I totally disagree with, and could see that it was damaging someone else. But she persisted. So I told her, dude…relax man. After that, she stopped speaking to me. I guess the truth is often hard to hear. We inflate our egos so much, that we think that our friends are just here to make virtual love to us, and stroke our ego. But that is a shallow excuse for a friendship, and one that will not last. A REAL friend tells you when you are fucking up, and making a mess of yourself. THAT is a person who loves you. Because just as your parent or spouse looks out for you, and (hopefully) protects you from harm, so should a friend. A mother that does not teach her children does not love her children. In the same way, a spouse who just lets you fuck up all topsy turvy everywhere, does not also care too much for your well being. So how can a friend stand back and let you screw up your life, or make mistakes? I mean sure, I can’t control you. But I can damn well tell you when you’re making a mistake. And I should. Because if I don’t, and I know you are making a mistake, am I being a true friend, or spouse? No. And that’s that. Accept the truth. Speak the truth in LOVE. Don’t poo-poo on your friend’s ideas. That, you can just keep to yourself, frankly. I hate it when I tell a friend an idea and she poo poos on it. Learn the balance.

Friendship is hard stuff, truly. It really is. What makes it difficult, is the part where you relate to the person. It’s worst than marriage, because at least in marriage you have made a commitment to love and cherish the person. With friendship, you haven’t made any commitment, so that makes it easy for you to just stop speaking to a person, simply because they told you the truth. It’s easy to escape. But don’t. Don’t escape. Don’t hide behind your life. Just face it. Talk about it. Communicate. And when all else fails, do what guys do: wait a few weeks, then pretend it never happened (just kidding, sort of).

Today, I almost finished the baby book for a customer. It is hand bound quality watercolor, and a fabric cover. The name is hand embroidered and hand designed by my husband and I. I used carbon paper to transfer the name image onto the fabric. The thread I used is DMC Threads. I love that their thread doesn’t tangle as easily.

Also, you know, if you are interested, I’d love to make a book like this for you. This can be for weddings or babies. Both are fun and quite high maintenance.
Well, what do you think?
I worked on my collage from yesterday.
I painted over the inked letters, and instead went for my trusty sharpie. What do you think?  I want to work more on my collages. I did quite a few of them about 12 or 13 years ago, and then my mom destroyed them all. Please don’t ask me why. It only makes me want to think thoughts that I’d have to a catholic confessional for. After that, I lost interest, thinking i’d persue it more when I got married, but I still had no interest or inspiration to do it.
Then I recently saw the movie Basquiat, and I felt inspired. Jean Michel Basquiat is one of my favorite artists. My only favorite, besides Frida Khalo. You know when it comes to fine art, I can be a bit of a hillbilly. I don’t often understand art that is too “modern”. You know? But I love Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat, James De La Vega, and Frida Khalo. What are you favorite artists, and why?
I’m working on something so fun, for a class I’m teaching at the Ink Pad, here in New York City. OMG OMG. So fun. More on that tomorrow, perhaps.
The Craftaholic

Day 241: Fat Quarter Fabric Buttons


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” -The Buddha

I’ve used this one, I know I have. I think that the thing is, we must focus ourselves on what we want. It becomes so easy to focus our lives on the things we need or want, or to focus our lives on our problems. But no, let us focus ourselves on what we want in life.

As artists, we want so much to do what we are full time, rather than work in some stuffy office shuffling papers. But in order to get there, you don’t need to be child free, or without a husband or responsibility. What you do need, is to realize that in order to be good to your husband or children, you must be good to yourself, first. Be true to yourself. That means, holding on to your dreams, and pursueing them. Langston Hughes said, “A dream deffered is a dream denied”. Think about it.

Today, I used some of my vintage fat quarters, to make some cool buttons. These are so awesome, I love them. I bought some 1.5″ buttons from Cover Buttons, and did some embroidery work on two of them.

Well, what do you think? It’s totally easy to make these yourself. Just get some fat quarters, and do some embroidery work on them.  As always, I used DMC Threads for the embroidery work.

The Craftaholic