Day 253: A little of Everything

by thecraftaholic


“Smile if you want a smile from another face.” -The Dalai Lama

Yeah man. If you want positivity to surround you, it friggin starts with you. Sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve never been one to mince words. You know? In these 253 days, I’ve learned one thing: whatever you want, you must create within yourself. It starts within you. With you. You know?

I think we just become jaded, little by little, day by day, grey hair by grey hair. That’s why our children are born so innocent, so happy and at peace. Because that is what we are born to have. We all are born with what we need.

A friend of mine once told me something so profound, I still think about it. I was sitting at dinner with her, and my newborn Dakota in my arms. I was telling her how I missed my grandmother, who helped raise me, and to me, will always be another mother. I told her that I didn’t think Dakota would have a grandmother like that. And she told me, “what if SHE (meaning Dakota) IS your grandmother?”.  So I think about that all the time.

I mean, look at how children handle things. They don’t hold grudges unless you teach them to. They don’t curse or learn hatred unless you teach them. And sure, some of us worry wart parents try to shelter our kids from things like sugar, and bullies on the playground. But life is life. My point is, that we must always remember the purity that we were born with. It’s still there. It’s just buried under the worry, the stress, the bills, the car, the mortgage, the bad neighbors….

Find it. Breathe in, close your eyes, and find it. Look for that innocence that were were born with, that purity that doesn’t judge, and even know how to hate.

That’s what I think.

Today, I did a little of everything. I worked on the graphics for my zine, Craftaholic. I am TOTALLY excited for it. I worked on getting some more content for it, too. And even though the first issue doesn’t come out until June 5, I am ALREADY thinking of the next issue, which is going to be “The Fiber Issue”. So, if you fancy yourself a fabric or fiber artist, please email me at thecraftaholic (at) gmail dot com!

What else? I worked on the finishing touches for that baby book.

I got a HUGE box of goodies, from DMC (whom I design for). I’m working on a project for tomorrow’s post, and a HUGE project for next month’s issue of CRAFTAHOLIC mag. The Zine, if you’re curious, will be sold online. Soon enough, I’ll be having my OWN WEBSITE. Yes folks, I am REALLY excited about this.

Today’s a rainy day again. Hmmm. I made Pumpkin Muffins this morning. That was fun.

What else? Today’s a work in progress kind of day. I’m finishing things. Anything interesting that you all are finishing today? Or starting?

The Craftaholic