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ATCs Inspired by a Friend

Yet another ATC swap. I have about 5 packages to mail out today, I swear.

Today, I made a set of ATCs, for a swap that was inspired by the artwork of my friend, Lisa Kettel. This is how I interpret her art, in MY style:

So that’s that, as far as all the ATCs go. Hubby and I have been working on something special for our new etsy shop.  I’m SO excited!

I no longer blog on sundays. It’s not a pentecostal thing, it’s a lazy thing. You know, growing up in New Jersey, everything, I mean EVERYTHING shuts down on sundays. Even supermarkets would close around 1pm.

Here in brooklyn, I live in a very predominantly jewish area, and everything shuts down on fridays and saturdays. Sundays in New York City, is when all the new yorkers go out to play. I’m serious. Saturdays in manhattan or brooklyn, you’ll see the tourists, and the folks from Connecticut, Long Island, or New Jersey, come to spend the day in the city. Sundays, is the day when you see the real new yorkers out to play with the kiddos and such.

Sundays my husband is off of work, so I like to spend time with him and the kid. Tomorow, a friend of mine is having a craft supply yard sale, and then there’s a food truck bizaare at the Hell’s Kitchen flea market.  That should be splendid! If not, maybe we’ll get some empanadas instead. OH MAN hell’s kitchen has THE BEST colombian empanadas. Vegetarian ones too! SO good. Trust me. And the hot sauce is real authentic colombian hot sauce. So good.

You know, back in the days, I used to sell at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market. I would sell my handmade vegan soaps. I did well, actually. If it’s one thing that people buy at fairs and festivals, it’s silk screened tee shirts, and soap.  I had decided not to sell anymore because it just wasn’t my thing. It’s A LOT of work, selling on the street or in a fair. You have to wake up super duper early (around 5 or 6 I’d wake up, normally), make sure everything is packed up (because you’d have packed up the night before), make sure you’ve got change (dollars, I mean) and leave to take the train, get there and set up, be there until closing, and normally I wouldn’t get home until 9pm, after packing up, chatting with the person next to you, etc.  Anyway, I did a lot of them, and in true Sagittarius form, I lost interest. And I got pregnant, so there is that.

I dont’ think that I will ever do them again, not here in New York City. A couple years back I did vend at a place in Jersey City, NJ and did well there. Very well, actually. But eh, New York. I have my opinions on that, which I think I’ll keep to myself.

At any rate, all of this was to say, that on monday, you’ll see a sneak peak, and if I get the chance, you’ll see the full fledged finished product. I’m so excited. This is going to move our etsy shop in a different direction-in a place where my husband and I are working together, creating together; this is something I wanted from the moment I married him. I hope you like it; and by like it, I mean that I hope you purchase our future products, which you’ll find out more about on monday.


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TUTORIAL: Shrink Plastic Photo Transfer!

Remember all that photo transfer jewelry that I love to make?

Well, being a new writer for The Examiner, I’m proud to list my first article, on the subject.

Click HERE to check out my article.

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Pretty Paper Flowers

Here’s a fun item. The one thing I love is those beautiful paper flowers that are a bit expensive for my modest art supply budget. But they are pretty for making cards, or altered art.

I made a few of my own, here’s a few pics.

I’ll be making this for Andrea Currie’s Craftastic Live, and I do hope you’ll watch, so you too can save money by making your own supplies! You’ll learn how to make your own glimmer mist also.

Fun, right?


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A Pair of Wish Jars

One of the new companies I design for is Blockhead Stamps. Recently they sent me some new goods and treats to play with. Here’s a new item I just recently finished making, their stamps, and acrylic paint daubbers that they sell. I love those paint daubers! How cool!

I used Mod Podge with dictionary paper, and then went over it with mod podge, waited for it to dry, and then went over it with the paint daubers. Then, I used this “Joker” stamp set, for the little hats there, and a stamp sentiment that I had. Cute, right? And of course, lacey ribbon finishes the items nicely.

These are wish jars. Write down your wishes on a full moon, and set it on your windowsill until your wish comes true. Or, if you’re not a superstitious person, just make one for vanity’s sake.  It’s cute.

Oh, and no, I can’t remember where I got the bottles, at all. Sorry. I litterally had that in my stash for a year or more.


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A Ribbon Box

So here’s something I just made for another swap. In the swap, we are supposed to make a box for our partner, and then fill it up with handmade jewelry.

I can’t remember where I got this idea, but I made this box, out of an empty ribbon spool! Can you believe it? And the flower on top is a prima flower that I had saved for about a year or something, and finally found the perfect project for it.

Nice, right?

Oh, and not having a computer for a week actually worked to my benefit. Now I wake up, make my coffee, and write each morning. I right, and read the Bagavad Gita every morning. I love it. So I’ve been writing some poetry lately. I’m actually working on a book that I hope to publish through Lulu. It should be done by the summer, I think.

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100 Books for Lenina

I haven’t posted in a few days, sorry about that. I’ve been busy with workshops, and things.

My latest project is a major one for me. I’m working on making a set of 100 miniature accordion albums for a friend, who’s having a baby. These are favors for the baby shower. They aren’t finished yet, but here’s what it looks like so far:

I still have to stamp and heat emboss the words, “All you need is love” onto kraft cardstock, with inked edges (that coordinate with the booklets), and then stick them on with pop up dots.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it for a friend. And, I got to use up all the scrapbook paper from my stash, that I don’t use anymore, so that’s a bonus.

What else? I’m working on a baby blanket for my daughter. I’m so excited. You know, if you happen to live in New York City, you should really check out Smiley’s Yarns, in Queens. O M G. Not only are the prices right, but they have good quality yarn! Rowan yarns, wools, alpacas, silks and more! YES. Really.

Anyhow, back to my bookmaking. Boy, the things I do for a friend……


The Craftaholic

Shrink Plastic Photo Transfer Jewelry

I’m back to my craft swapping frenzy in the new year. Today, I worked on a couple of jewelry pieces for a “Frida Kahlo” themed jewelry swap that I’m in.

I still have two more pieces to make, but here’s two that I made, one for each partner.

It’s pretty cool, eh? I like it. I made these with a blender marker that I got at Dick Blick, shrink plastic, and some photos of Frida. It’s SO fun. Photo Transferring is a lot of fun, especially when making jewelry.

I have a workshop at Spacecraft this Saturday, if you’re in the New York City area. You can make something like this with ME! Come out to Brooklyn and make some Shrink Plastic Jewelry with me this saturday!

Click here to RSVP.


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Trumpet King Embossed Card

Here’s a set of cards I’m working on today. I finished the first one, and realized I ran out of embossing powder. So I’m off to Michael’s. But you don’t have to wait for that, so here’s a pic of it:

It’s from the set of stamps that I have for sale, in my shop.

I embossed him with versamark and black embossing ink. Then, I colored in his crown and trumpet with a gold marker.I also used a Tim Holtz embossing folder for the background paper, which is textured Stampin up paper. Then, I rubbed some green PAN Pastels on it.

You like it?

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Clay Jewelry-Variations

SO I promised I’d give you some more ideas on making clay jewelry, and I will.

When making clay jewelry, you can use all sorts of things to add texture to your air dry clay jewelry piece.

You can do all sorts of things! Like make buttons.

I made these with the cap of a baby food jar, and used my Sizzix embossing folder for the texture! Just put the piece cut out, inside the embossing folder, and press on it lightly. It’s that easy!

Another item of interest is using small cookie cutters, and then the same embossing folders to make a pendant such as this lovely piece

I added texture to this piece using an embossing folder. For shine, I used Mod Podge’s Dimensional Magic. I love that stuff.

Oh, and this necklace and the buttons, are both for sale in my shop.

The truth is you can add textures and shapes to self hardening clay (for jewelry making) with all sorts of things! Look around you! You don’t need expensive clay molds. Find things with textures and interesting shapes.

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TUTORIAL: Making Clay Jewelry

Last week I posted a blog about some clay necklaces that I made.

I told you I would tell you how I made it, and I will.

It’s easy peasy.

You’re going to need:

White self hardening clay


an empty lip gloss pot

pearl ex powder

mod podge


Rubber Stamps (I used a set by Bombshell Stamps)

an empty jewelry box (to use as your “cutter”)

So I used PEARL brand Paperclay, because it’s cheap and you can bake it in the oven, along with it being self hardening. Nice, right?

Anyway, you have to knead the clay before you use it. For this, I reccomend squeezing it over and over in your hands. Just keep squeezing it until it becomes softer.

Then, you’ll need your rolling pin. Just roll out your clay. Not too thin, or your clay will break. Not too thick, or it will be annoying to wear.

Now, cut out a small square shape. I used a small jewelry box that someone put a piece of jewelry in. You know, the cardboard boxes. You could also use a matchbox.

Once you’ve done that, get your stamp out, and stamp your image. I recommend rubbing a bit of olive oil over the stamp before hand, so the clay won’t stick.

Now remember, you aren’t stamping on paper, so no need to pound on it. But make sure you get a good impression.

Now, on the top middle, poke a hole with a chopstick. This will be where you will string your pendant.

After that, there are instructions on the package telling you how to bake it, so follow them and bake it for a few minutes. I think I had put mine in for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Then, take it out, and let it cool.

Now, make your own shimmering paint.

For this, you’ll need the aforementioned lipgloss container, watercolor tubes of paint, pearl ex powder, and mod podge.

Mix together about a nickel size of watercolor, a bit of pearl ex powder, and a TINY bit of mod podge. I add mod podge because I got this idea from a youtube video, and on there, the woman calls for some kind of glue or something that I don’t have. So I just use mod podge because I’ve got plenty of that.

Now, you can use your newly blended shimmer paint the way you would any watercolor and paint your clay pendant.

After that, give it a good coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint and such.

And that’s that! It’s easy peasy, right?

Stay tuned, because tomorow, I will post the continuation with another variation of this, and more ideas on making clay jewelry. But again: I want some comment love!

I know you’re out there…..

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