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A Pretty Set of Flowers

So today, I finished up a quick project: a set of pretty little tags.

The Flowers are handmade, of course. I glittered the edges. Now, normally I ink up the edges with a bit of ink, but I was feeling in a rather messy kind of mood, and just smudged glue on the sides with my hands. The glitter is by Martha Stewart, I believe.

This set of four tags is for sale in my etsy shop.

What else? It’s really hot here in New York City today. Super hot. I happen to be an early riser, and this morning at around 6:30, it was raining like crazy! I sent my husband out to buy me coffee and bread and the poor guy came back soaked to the bone! Can you believe that? And now of course, it is super duper hot.

I know I told you I’d post pics about my concert, but truthfully concert pics look bad. They never come out right unless you’ve got some fancy camera or something.

Anyway, that is that.


The Craftaholic

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Day 284: Butterfly Wall Hanging


“Violence is a destructive power. Nonviolence is constructive.” -The Dalai Lama

I’ll keep today’s post rather short because I am feeling under the weather, and have been laying down all day. At any rate, violence doesn’t have to just mean with raised fists. It can be with words and gossip. Words can hurt. It was shocking to me to learn, when I delved into the craft world, that there is so much cattiness, gossip, jealousy, and competition. And stealing of ideas. And backstabbing. It is insanity. To me, art is something that surpasses the idea of who is better than whom, or who has unique ideas. Cattiness, gossip, and ill words are destructive.

Use your words for good, not bad. Don’t talk about people. If you feel the need to gossip about someone, perhaps you should just think of what it is about the person that you envy. Yes, I said it. Deal with it.

Today, I made a pretty wall hanging. I’ve been into the butterfly thing lately. But don’t worry, I’ll get back to my owls soon enough.

I really like it.

Here’s a close up of the butterflies:

Nice, right?

I like this a lot. I want to make one for my beloved owls.

Oh, I also made the most delicious cupcakes. Burnt Butter Brown Sugar Cupcakes, from a recipe book of Nigella Lawson, “How to be a Domestic Goddess”.  I added hazelnuts, and it is simply amazing.

Oh, and this is what’s on my needles:

I can’t tell you what it’s going to be because it’s for an article that I’m submitting to something that I also can’t tell you. But if I get the job, you’ll be the first to know.

The Craftaholic

Day 268: Dwell Banner and a Silly Dance with my Daughter


“Rather than speaking badly about people, we should practice a purer perception of them and speak only of their good qualities.” -The Dalai Lama

Gossip is referred to by most religions as evil. Why do you think this is? Think about it. So many relationships have been severed simply because of gossip and ill speaking of others. It’s addictive though, isn’t it? It’s so easy to just start bitching to your friend about how so and so did something that bothered you. Then you start talking about how stuck up she is, or how annoying her kid is. Right? It’s easy. It makes you feel good to talk about someone when they annoy you or make you angry. It’s harder to let peace into your life in these situations. Because you don’t really want peace. You want to  be angry with them, because in some way, you think you are punishing them. But you are only punishing yourself.

It doesn’t matter how ill you speak of someone, they are still going to live their life. It’s like I always say: no one really cares. Life keeps going and going. And if you don’t stop to let in the peace to your life, it will pass you by. Stop talking about people. Try to see the good in others. I know it’s hard to do this, especially when people continue being asses. But they are not the important thing in your life. What is important? You. Your family, your life, your home, your future.

I made a banner for my home.

These are chipboard cut outs I got from a swap (I think). I glued vintage music sheets to it, glued some pretty flowers, and the letters to spell out, “Dwell”. I also glittered the edges with pink Martha Stewart glitter.

Here’s a close up:

Here’s what it looks like, against my record collection:

I didn’t even bother cropping the picture, sorry.

I love love love this banner! I put mini clothing line clips on the back, so if I want to, I could just clip them anywhere. Here, they are on a pretty ribbon, again from a swap.

The nice thing about being broke is that you end up really using what you’ve got.

What else? Oh, me and the baby randomly broke into dance. My daughter loves dancing, and loves dance music. Don’t ask where she got this, cuz she didn’t get it from me. I love old jazz and classic punk. But ohwell.

Cute, right? Can you guess what she was dancing to? Lady Gaga. YES. Can you believe the the child of two bohemian artists likes Lady Gaga? Oh man. What am I going to do? I just indulge it, really.

She loves to dance, dude. I uploaded a video of it on youtube, but it needs to be rotated, and I don’t know how to do that.

Here’s the link though, if you don’t mind tilting your head.

The Craftaholic

Day 171: Make a Paper Goddess


“Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values.”

Change. I’ve used this quote before, I know. But the thing is, change can be fearful sometimes.

I’ve changed some. I’ve learned to focus more. Focusing, for the multi medium artist such as I, is quite dificult. It’s hard, because when you like to make art with many mediums, you tend to be scatterbrained. My husband is always telling me, “Diana you need to learn to focus, so you can accomplish more”. He’s a taurus. Tauruses are great with that.

I’m a sagitarius. We are scatterbrained by nature. But that’s okay. I’ve finally learned how to take all that scatterbrained fury and focus it on my art and my goals for myself and my career. How?

Well, it helps to know what you want. What do you want in life? Okay, good. Do you REALLY want it? I mean…do you want it with your mind, body and soul? Is it your passion?

So then, how do you get there? You want success with your art, to make art for a living. Before you subscribe to all the newsletters and self help guides that all say the same thing, remember this: you know how to get there. Seek within yourself. Focus on what you want. Focus on it, the way a race horse focuses on his goal ahead.

What are the things that hinder you from reaching this goal? There are of course, every day things, like your spouse, your children, etc. But I’ll use myself as an example. Do you know what I want in life? What I want in life (in regards to my art) is to be able to make a decent living wage off of what I do, and to teach the world that art is within everyone.

So then, how do I get there? Hmm…well, mainly, my art (I feel) lies with working with paper, and knitting. So then, this means that this should be my focus. This should be my emphasis. You see what I mean?

I had two meetup groups before. One was my original group that I opened a while back. The other is a recent take over, after someone stepped down. I renamed the group, changed the focus of it, and decided to make it my group. So if I wanted to focus on myself better, that would mean deleting the other group, since it was not so active anymore, and really, I wanted to create a group that had my name, The Craftaholic, and really revealed my true calling, and my true passion in life. So I did just that. I started this new group, called “The Craftaholic’s School of Art & Creativity”, although as I mentioned before, it was previously someone else’s art group on meetup. She stepped down, and I took over. But this is what I mean. I focused on my goal. My goal is me, and my art. Not doing silly little workshops, teaching someone to make cards. This group is about me, and my art.

So you see how I learned to focus?

Also, my etsy shop is about my paper craft. I have a separate forlorn and neglected etsy shop for my knitwear.

Focus. Before you act, think about this: is this empowering my art, or just scattering my brain even further?

So that’s all.

Today I made a Paper Doll Goddess for a swap that I’m in.

I used a template from the Enchanted Gallery, and some paper from Prima Marketing.

I cut out the dolls of course, and then embossed it with a flower embossing plate with my bigshot. The plate is from stampin up. I actually put the doll through twice, to add more embossed lines.

After that, I distressed and inked the edges with green pigment ink.

Then, I went over a couple of the embossed lines with glitter, from Martha Stewart of course.

What else? I really struggled with the head. I realized with this project that I am SO not good with heads and faces. I stamped and cut out a face with a 1 3/4″ circle punch. Then, some flower stickers add a nice touch to the head and neck.

The ribbon around the waist, is in case the person wants to hang it. I like things that are purposeful, you know? In her hands, she holds the word DREAM, because she reminds you to dream big.

Her head is more like a moon, which I sort of like. But honestly, I’m not too crazy about her face.

What do you think? You like it?

Day 168: Make a Set of Glittered Owl Rings


“We have to try inner disarmament—reducing our own anger and hatred while increasing mutual trust and human affection.”

To disarm ourselves, makes me think of anger and hatred as weapons. And so perhaps the Dalai Lama sees it that way as well. I have a problem with this one. Perhaps we all do. Anger is something that is almost comforting to hold on to, especially when you hold on to it for years. The longer you hold on to anger, the harder it is to get rid of it, the more it bonds with you, and clings to your soul and eats at your happiness.

Shit happens to everyone. It’s normal to be angry. It’s normal to be frustrated and pissed off. But what do we do, once we feel these feelings? EXPRESS them. How do you best express your emotions? Is it through your art, your knitting, your writing?

For me, it’s my writing. I whip out my journal and write poetry. Living a creative life is true living. So express what you feel through your art, and let it go. Then in this way, we are doing what the Dalai Lama states-disarming ourselves of anger and hatred.

Today I made something very fun and very close to my heart. You all know that I am obsessed with owls. I recently got a shipment of bezel rings, and decided that I wanted to get crafty.

For this project, you’ll need:

A bezel ring


minature owl findings (find it on etsy)

Judikins Diamond Glaze


So, all you do, is apply the glitter inside the bezel with glue of course. I made three rings each with different kinds of glitter.

Wait for it to dry, and then you apply the little owl with some glue. It might not stay all the way, that’s okay. I put my rings to dry in my library. Plato helped dry the glaze on these rings.

I then added some of the Diamond glaze, because that really made the owl stick. So that’s what I did. Let it dry, and add a second coat.

That’s it!

It’s quick, easy, and fun.

The Craftaholic

Day 120: Make a Glittered Wall Hanging


“The more we have power to see things, the more there is to see.”

What does this mean, really? I mean, I guess it has to do with awareness. Right? If you aren’t aware of the world around you, how can you see? What do you see, when you aren’t aware? You see only what you choose to see. Awareness comes with our choosing not to follow someone else’s ideals. It comes with really seeing, not looking. Looking and seeing are two different things.

Today’s crafty endeavor is a cool little sign to decorate your home.

I happened to buy this chipboard word by Making Memories, that says “Cherish”.

For this project, you’ll need some Aleen’s craft & school glue, a foam brush, decorative papers, and Martha Stewart Glitter in the shade of toumaline.

All you do, is add glue to the chipboard, and with your foam brush, make sure you spread it all around for an even coat. After that, you’ll just add the glitter.

I did this process two by two. I would brush two letters with glue, then glitter them, and keep going.

Make sure you add glitter on a paper separate from the one you glued the letters, so you don’t end up wasting any glitter.

After that, just wait for the thing to dry, then spray it with two or more coats of spray varnish. Add a sticker or ribbon for a finishing touch.

I was going to just show you how it looked just like that, but then I realized that the packaging made a cool background for the word.

So I cut the name label off, and wrapped it up in pretty paper.

Then, I just glued on the chipboard letters, and added a ribbon to hang it.

Like it?

I hope you do!