Day 241: Fat Quarter Fabric Buttons

by thecraftaholic


“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” -The Buddha

I’ve used this one, I know I have. I think that the thing is, we must focus ourselves on what we want. It becomes so easy to focus our lives on the things we need or want, or to focus our lives on our problems. But no, let us focus ourselves on what we want in life.

As artists, we want so much to do what we are full time, rather than work in some stuffy office shuffling papers. But in order to get there, you don’t need to be child free, or without a husband or responsibility. What you do need, is to realize that in order to be good to your husband or children, you must be good to yourself, first. Be true to yourself. That means, holding on to your dreams, and pursueing them. Langston Hughes said, “A dream deffered is a dream denied”. Think about it.

Today, I used some of my vintage fat quarters, to make some cool buttons. These are so awesome, I love them. I bought some 1.5″ buttons from Cover Buttons, and did some embroidery work on two of them.

Well, what do you think? It’s totally easy to make these yourself. Just get some fat quarters, and do some embroidery work on them.  As always, I used DMC Threads for the embroidery work.

The Craftaholic