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On a card making binge

So this week, I’m in a bit of a card making binge. This is because I’m teaching a card making workshop at the Ink Pad next week. I frankly was not feeling the mojo at all, and went so far as to tell Barbara (at the ink pad) that I in fact, was not feeling the card mojo. She of course, informed me that it would not be very nice to cancel a class, so I decided to just muster up the mojo however I could. That’s what crafting books are good for, right? So here, I made a couple cards.

If you are interested in making cards with me, learning the basics of cardmaking, and working with watercolors and a heat gun, you can call the folks at the Ink Pad at 212-463-9876.

The Class is on April 13th, at around 7pm or so. So come by after work!

I should mention that I have different approach to card making. You know, if you go to flickr, lots of folks make the cards in a similar fashion. I kind of like them to look a bit more interesting, simple and not so much clutter. So that’s that.

What else? This of course, got me into a card making binge this week. I made jewelry, don’t worry. But I like to mix it up here on my blog, and keep you interested.

Oh, and I bought some owl pendants on Ebay. AND….I think I’m going to teach myself chaine maille. My best friend Miyoshi is teaching herself, and thanks to ebay, I found some very cheap jump ring suppliers. So I think I want to teach myself chaine maille. That’d be fun, right?

And the Owl pendants. Oh my, I cannot wait to work with them. Having jewelry making considered a fine art, I do have to say, I enjoy it very much. I do draw and paint, but of all the fine arts, I love making jewelry. I’ve been drawing a lot recently. YES. I have. I do draw. In the words of my favorite artist (Basquiat), “Believe it or not, I really can draw”. I can. I’m sort of private about it, mostly because it’s sort of a strange style. There’s a book out, called “Zentangles” that is a bit up the alley to my style of drawing, only I’ve been drawing that way since I was in high school.

Oh! And I wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a web show. It won’t be live, sorry. It’s going to be pre-recorded, and put up on youtube. I’m excited. That’ll happen soon. Gimme about a month or two, to set it all up. And maybe a live show, not sure yet.


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Paper Mache Work in Progress

So since my computer is still out of commission, I’m posting a little work in progress. This is a paper mache art piece, for a “Star” themed swap I am in, on craftster.

It’s a work in progress. This piece will be painted, then a bit of shimmer will be added, along with beads and such. After that, I’m wrapping some wire, and hand dying some ribbon to hang the star up. I think she’ll like it, don’t you?

Oh, and I should mention that I always use Mod Podge for my paper mache projects. It’s so much easier than glue.

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Painting with Daughter

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going out for some art supplies with an old friend of mine, Sheena. After that, I felt so inspired, I remembered what Martha Stewart told me when I went to the Martha Stewart show-she told me kids want to be creating every day.

In general, my daughter does make some sort of creative mess every day. Anyway, I had bought some paper mache houses, and decided to paint them with my daughter. But Dakota did most of the work, actually. Here’s a few pics of our painting session:

She’s such a ham.

In action.

And here’s the finished work. Cute, right? It looks cool actually. I like it. I taught her how to mix colors. She LOVED doing that.

We had so much fun! And again, I really like this. Not just for a three year old’s art, but in general it’s really cool. Don’t you think?

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My thoughts on meetup, and other things

I’ve always been crafty and creative. I grew up writing poetry, as a way to escape the abuse I was going through at home. I started doing collage work and “mixed media” when I was in middle school.

Shortly after my daughter was born, I decided I wanted to bring more crafty people together. I realized how much art and creativity had helped heal me so much, that I wanted to inspire others to get out, meet other people, and be creative. So I started a craft group, on

I’ve been organizing meetups for three years now, and have been very happy and lucky to have met some really great people and good friends.

True, some people are nuts that you meet, but not all.

I’ve been lucky to have what is now over 600 members. I worked hard to get my group to where it is, where I am able to host workshops, and fun low cost or free events. It’s been a fun trip.

Unfortunately, has changed their layout to where it is not only unpleasing to look at, but truly tacky and cheap looking. These changes that they implemented affects the way I organize events, since a picture is needed for each event. Now, there are no photos. And by default now, anyone can go in and organize an event. If this is so, why should I bother paying the monthly subscription fee?

If you go to and search #newmeetup you will find a plethora of meetup organizers that are all unhappy with these cheap and unpleasant layout changes that make it difficult for the hard working meetup organizer to organize events. Now, instead of a simple yes or no, I get a cute little “Jane Doe said their going” or “Jane Doe said their not going”. Just give me what I paid for. I didn’t pay for cute. I paid for a meetup group where I can organize a calender and member list.

At any rate, I have taken off my subscription. My payment is due 2/20 and if their are no changes before then, I will be deleting the group. I’ve made a switch over to which is also a subscription service, but looks a lot more worthwhile, since I can change the layout myself if I choose. Plus it’s a new year, and what better then to try something new.

I invite you crafty people to join my Ning page. I’ll be hosting swaps, and virtual workshops along with managing my calender of events, where you can choose to go my workshops and stuff in person.

Anyway, that’s that. I also have a facebook version of the group, but the future home of my craft group, will be Ning, unless meetup chooses to see the light.

Read more about the meetup changes here and to find alternatives to, go here.


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Crocheting, No Matter What the Weather

It’s freezing cold in New York City. I mean it is really, really cold. Despite that, I held a crochet workshop in my place, with a few folks from my craft group. Here’s some shots of us in action.

My daughter had to sneak in the shot. Yes, she’s playing with my ball winder.
We had fun, can’t you tell? It was so nice, being surrounded by lovely creative people, doing what I love: inspiring others to create, and teaching them something new.
Anyway, that’s that.
My neighbors are from Mexico, born and bred, and made some dinner for us tonite. It was so good. They make the best guacamole! It’s damn spicy, but it is SO good. I didn’t care that my mouth was on fire, that was the best pork taco I ever had.
The Craftaholic

Day 360: Vintage Inspired Collaged Notebook


“Compassion, tolerance, and altruism bring us happiness and calmness.”

-The Dalai Lama

Compassion, tolerance and altruism.

What does Altruism mean? In the dictionary it’s defined as:

he principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotionto the welfare of others ( opposed to egoism).

Oppposed to egoism. Egoism is when you think only and solely of yourself. But being altruistic is the opposite. In these modern times, we have become accustomed to thinking solely of ourselves, of our family and no one else. We think, “times are tough, and I must look out for myself”. But the opposite is true. If we were to come together more as a community, we could all evenly survive the economic and emotional hardships that present themselves.

Think of someone else for a change. Look out for other people. Do you know someone who just lost their job? Go to the store, and buy them some groceries. Offer to pay a utility bill. Having a hard time yourself? Bake something for someone. Nothing says love like home baked goodies.

Offer what you can. If you can sew, then offer that. If you can bake, then offer that. Look out for the people around you, not just yourself. I am a strong believer in Karma. Most of you know that I hold craft workshops throughout New York. Although I do (obviously) charge a fee for materials, time and instruction, I do let my students take a generous helping of papers and things. I’m pretty generous with my supplies, most of my students will tell you.

I think that it is because of this that I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful companies, such as DMC Threads, and Plaid Crafts. It’s wonderful to know that you won’t be running out of something. You know?

Today I am still lacking my camera. But I have a crappy photo of an altered composition notebook that I created for a swap.

The background is just pages from a trashy novel that my friend was getting rid of. Then the pretty paper is from a collage pack from Dick Blick. Finally, the images are from Alphastamps.

It’s easy to make something like this. With your glue stick, glue on the background and the decorative pics. Then, just go over it with Paper Mod Podge. That’s it! You can of course, do more to it. But I like a nice simple notebook, don’t you?

What else? Oh! I am going to see Fishbone tonite! I am SO excited! I’ve wanted to see them since before I met my husband and never have had the chance. They are playing at Webster Hall tonite.

Anything else? Not really. I just placed an order for some jewelry making supplies, because I’ve been on such a roll with this jewelry making thing, that I figured I should stock up on earring backs and such.

Once I’m all caught up with my swaps, I really do want to make some handmade soap. I’d like to make some Patchouli soap, that’d be nice.

The Craftaholic

Day 344: Cooking Up Some Soap!


“I believe that the search for Truth will continue and will grow even keener as we make greater material progress.”

-The Dalai Lama

What is truth, really? Hmm? I guess we all sort of think we know what it is. But I agree.

Anyway, today I taught a soap making workshop. We made hot process soap, which means we cooked up the soap. It was so much fun! Here’s a few pics:

Yes, we used vegetable oil. Yes.

My friend Amy.

My friend Yoshi, the superstar. She brought her daughter along, since I had to bring mine. They played together the whole time, and so much fun! And she helped, by washing dishes. I detest dishwashing. I think hell is a place where you have to wash dishes and there aren’t any towels to dry your hands.

And sorry, I forgot to photograph the finished product! I got so caught up in soap making and teaching!

Anway, that’s that. I got some AWESOME swaps in the mail today! So friggin awesome! First I got some sock toys for my little one, which were SO COOL. Then, I got a couple pairs of VERY cool earrings! So cool! I’ll photograph them them tomorow.

What else? Oh man, I have another workshop tomorow too. Holy moly! But at least to that one, I will be child free. I love my mongoose, but it’s nice to have some time to be child free sometimes, you know?

The Craftaholic

Day 340: I never get tired of recipe books


“When we contemplate death and the impermanence of life, our minds automatically begin to take an interest in spiritual achievements.”

-The Dalai Lama

I guess it’s true.

I always say that I don’t really worry about much because life is so short, that really. Who cares, in the grand scheme of things. Plus, worrying does NOT accomplish anything. At all. Put your faith and trust in yourself, in your hard work and determination to make things happen, and seek your own spirituality. That helps in dealing with life’s everyday insanities.

Today’s post is late because I had to charge the battery on my camera. Also, I had made a set of little things for a swap, then I packaged them up, forgetting to take a picture!

So, I got started on another swap. This one is a fun recipe book for a swap I’m in. The problem I encounted was that the pages had to be 8×8! But I managed to find a way to make a book in my style.

It’s simple, but I like how it turned out. Anyway, what else did I do today besides wait for my battery to charge? I packaged up some swaps. I try to do a bunch at a time, just to get them out of the way. It’s easier that way, you know?

Hmmm…..I’m in a halloween kind of mood! I might order some new stamps soon, just to get in the proper spirit of things!

The Craftaholic

Day 318: Making Stuff with Friends


“Every noble work is bound to face problems and obstacles. It is important to check your goal and motivation thoroughly.”

-The Dalai Lama

Is my

heart in the

right place?

Do I mean what I say, and say what I mean?

Or do I just do niceties

so I can

wear my shades and

look pretty to the crowd

it’s easy to do nice

when everyone’s looking

it’s harder

when no one

is looking

and no one



Yesterday, I had a fun event with my craft group: we made mineral based pigment eye shadows! Cool right? It’s so easy peasy. Here’s some shots from the event:

The event was at SpaceCraft, Brooklyn. We love that place. A lot. And here’s what we made:

NICE, right? It’s really easy.

We’re going to do it again, if you’re interested. Check out my craft group, if you’re interested in my workshops and fun crafty events.

Ta ta, for now.

The Craftaholic

Day 309: A Butterfly Necklace


“In other words, if someone remains in a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, external surroundings can cause them limited disturbance.”

-The Dalai Lama

Oh, wouldn’t this be a dream? To not be bothered or waivered by the world around you, but to just remain at peace within yourself? Oh. Wow.

It’s difficult for me to think of this as a possibility, especially living in New York City, one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. But I look at the Trees as examples. The don’t waiver because they are grounded in who they are.  So in the same sense, if we ground ourselves in our peace, in our art, in our family, perhaps we won’t be so bothered or waivered by the business around us.

Today, I finished a necklace for a “butterfly” swap that I’m in. My partner is my good friend Yoshi, who is AMAZING at jewelry making. I mean it. She doesn’t have a blog or shop, or I’d link her. But here’s what I made for her:

Don’t you love it? I do. I’m going to make a necklace for myself tonite too.

I have to run now. Baby wants to go out to the playground, and hubby is off today. So it’s family time.
The Craftaholic