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Handmade Scrapbook Stickers

Today’s project was inspired by my browsing etsy. I was just looking, since I normally try to get jewelry inspiration from high fashion magazines, but this time haven’t gotten to it yet.

Anyway, I found a fun little item, so EASY, I couldn’t STAND it! I just HAD to make it. So here’s what I made.

Cute, right?

I’ll show you E A S Y it is to make these, in my upcoming LIVE video Blog! Finally! Check out the details HERE. I’m really excited about it. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time now.

I’m having a bad morning, so I’ll spare you the bad mood and cut my blog short today. Suffice to say it is a murphy’s law kind of day, all before 10am in the morning.



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ATC Week: The Final Frontier

So this being the last day of the week of ATCs, I thought it fitting to show you a fun and quick project that I made. It’s an ATC container!

This is a fun and quick project.


You can get a very cool template courtesy of Inking Pink. Granted, my box is simple. To make up for it, here’s a couple pics of my meetup group in action:


We had so much fun! We meet up every other friday night, and get together to have coffee, share our art supplies, and bitch about men and life, and all that.

It’s a lot of fun. You should join us, if you’re ever in the New York City area, or if you live near by.

Today is Saturday, which is goof off day for me, since my husband is working a double shift today. It’s raining, which means what? You said it folks: take out. Yummmmy in my tummy. I’ll be good and just make it pizza for tonite.  At least pizza isn’t SOOO bad for you, right?

I’m keeping up the theme thing, I think. Next week: Art Journal week! I’ve decided to make myself vulnerable and show you all the sort of painting and collage work that I love to do. You don’t mind, right?




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The Beginning of ATC Week

So I’ve decided to dub this week as “ATC Week” for me, since I’m in a swap where I’ve got to send out 20 ATCs. That’s a lot of ATCs, huh? Well, I’m up for the challenge.

Well I’m going to make a few a day, until it’s time to send out. I hope you don’t mind.


I keep using that Imagine stamp because I really like it a lot.  And I needed an excuse to use that glitter paper. Oh man. The glittered paper, the green cardstock paper, and ribbon, are all from this month’s sampler kit.


This paper is from last month’s sampler kit.


And this one is from this month’s sampler kit.

Granted, they are simple. But I like simple.

I just finished reading the book, “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho and I love it! I read it in a few days. It’s such an easy book to read, and really captures your attention.

If you’re in the mood to be inspired, and read an interesting story all at the same time, I highly suggest reading this book.


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A Bird in the Air

I just made a few more cards.

You like them? These cards are also going to be a part of my workshop, at the Ink Pad.

The workshop is on April 13th, and you can call them at 212-463-9876. I hope you can make it! Card making is a lot of fun.

What else? I’m participating in NaPoWriMo, which is a challenge in the month of april, to write a poem each month. I won’t be posting them all, but I will post some of them now and then.


The Craftaholic

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On a card making binge

So this week, I’m in a bit of a card making binge. This is because I’m teaching a card making workshop at the Ink Pad next week. I frankly was not feeling the mojo at all, and went so far as to tell Barbara (at the ink pad) that I in fact, was not feeling the card mojo. She of course, informed me that it would not be very nice to cancel a class, so I decided to just muster up the mojo however I could. That’s what crafting books are good for, right? So here, I made a couple cards.

If you are interested in making cards with me, learning the basics of cardmaking, and working with watercolors and a heat gun, you can call the folks at the Ink Pad at 212-463-9876.

The Class is on April 13th, at around 7pm or so. So come by after work!

I should mention that I have different approach to card making. You know, if you go to flickr, lots of folks make the cards in a similar fashion. I kind of like them to look a bit more interesting, simple and not so much clutter. So that’s that.

What else? This of course, got me into a card making binge this week. I made jewelry, don’t worry. But I like to mix it up here on my blog, and keep you interested.

Oh, and I bought some owl pendants on Ebay. AND….I think I’m going to teach myself chaine maille. My best friend Miyoshi is teaching herself, and thanks to ebay, I found some very cheap jump ring suppliers. So I think I want to teach myself chaine maille. That’d be fun, right?

And the Owl pendants. Oh my, I cannot wait to work with them. Having jewelry making considered a fine art, I do have to say, I enjoy it very much. I do draw and paint, but of all the fine arts, I love making jewelry. I’ve been drawing a lot recently. YES. I have. I do draw. In the words of my favorite artist (Basquiat), “Believe it or not, I really can draw”. I can. I’m sort of private about it, mostly because it’s sort of a strange style. There’s a book out, called “Zentangles” that is a bit up the alley to my style of drawing, only I’ve been drawing that way since I was in high school.

Oh! And I wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a web show. It won’t be live, sorry. It’s going to be pre-recorded, and put up on youtube. I’m excited. That’ll happen soon. Gimme about a month or two, to set it all up. And maybe a live show, not sure yet.


The Craftaholic

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A New Wishbook

All the recent changes in my personal life led me to want to create  a new wishbook.

What is a wishbook? It’s sort of like a scrapbook. It’s a book that I create to hold pictures, papers, writings, and things that personify what you want in your life. I’ve made a few of them, and they are a lot of fun. So I made a new one.

I used items from the Sampler Kit, that I receive each month. The ribbons, the letters, and the glittery paper is from last month’s kit. Pretty, right?

I plan on filling it with all sorts of fun things that personify what I want in life. Not just pictures, mind you; This book is an envelope book, so there’s plenty of pockets for filling it with all sorts of fun little things. I’m a paper pack rat, so that is why I love books with pockets.

On a personal note, I’ve decided to go back to my vegetarian ways. I was a vegetarian for 13 years. Recently I found that meat just grosses me out. It is rather sudden, since I do like a good burger. But I can’t, it actually grosses me out. It’s a strange thing, but I’m taking it like a sign, that the universe would rather me be a vegetarian. So I’m going back to that.

Got any vegetarian recipe sites or blogs to recommend to me?

The Craftaholic

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Superstitious Lucky Parcel

Today I finished off (and sent out) another swap. This one was the box, for the lucky parcel that I was a part of. I had to make up 4 items for my swap partner, for which she chose the theme, “Superstitions”. So this is a “dream” box, for her to put inside things that personify her dreams and wishes and hopes.


This is the view from the top. The quote there, is from a stamp by Stampin’ Up. I’m sorry I can’t remember what set it is from. But it is one of my favorites.

This box was, in a former life, a box of Godiva chocolates. I love saving little boxes like this and repurposing them, don’t you?

It’s easy enough to do. I painted it with some paints by Plaid Crafts, and embellished it with buttons and a butterfly stamp that I cannot remember the maker of. Sorry.

The quote was stamped on some textured stampin up cardstock, then inked on the edges with blue ink. I put it right over the part of the box, where it says, Godiva so that you can’t see it. It’s not a box of chocolates anymore, it’s a wish box!

Here’s the inside:

I lined the inside with cardstock.  All her little trinkets are wrapped up inside.

What do you think? You like it?


The Craftaholic

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Gift Tags for your Knitwear

So I made these cute gift tags recently.

Cute, right?

I love this! It’s so adorable.

Anyway, this comes in a set of 5, and you can purchase them in my etsy shop.

The Craftaholic

Christmas Cards, Batch #2

Here’s the second batch of Xmas cards that I made.

These are a variation of the first batch.

The snowflakes are from a stamp set by stampin up. I don’t know which one, because it doesn’t have the container anymore. I love that they keep their stamps in containers because they are so much easier to store that way.

I went over the snowflakes with a Martha Stewart glue pen and glitter. The letters are from a stamp set by All Night Media, called Ornamental.

The pop up dots are also by All Night Media.

Now, to make the gift tags!

The Craftaholic

Pinecone Holiday Gift Tags

I just made this pretty set of holiday gift tags.

You like them? I used a stamp by 100 Proof Press, and rubbed some Pan Pastels along the edges, for a little extra pop.

These are for sale, in my shop.

The Craftaholic