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Glitter + Textured Paint = Bliss

Today I finished a fun crafty item.

Plaid crafts makes a fun item you may or may not be aware of : Texture Paint.

I was so excited to work with this product. Here’s the photo, before I go on rambling about it.

Oh, I have to tell you. I loved making this. I used a bit of blue folk art paint (also by Plaid), and mixed it with the textured medium. Then, I applied it on, like paint, waited for it to dry, and then LIGHTLY sprayed some spray adhesive over it, and sprinkled some glitter in TWILIGHT by Art Institute. Then, the flowers are just silk flowers from the dollar store (if you can believe it). It’s that easy!

The frame is also by Plaid. I think you can find them at Walmart or Michael’s.

Here’s a close up:

and, so you can see what the paint looks like, finished:

You see? It’s gritty and grainy. I LOVE this stuff!

A Gingerbread Card

Here’s a  holiday card I’ve made.

I used the Dazzler’s glitter and glue by art institute glitter, for the snow on top.

This is a retired stamp by stampin up. Hero arts has a similar one, but this is nice because it comes in a set, with the little gingerbread men.

You see the glittery goodness?

That’s what I love about the holidays-the glitter.

I really have to try this year, to make my Xmas cards early. I have to. So I’m trying to find some holiday inspiration, so I can make these cards and send them out!

I did order some new stamps from stampin up. But I hate waiting for things to come in the mail. I’m off to Michael’s today, since I have some last minute supplies to purchase for a kid’s party I was hired to do tomorrow.

What else? I hope to have my Christmas inspiration, so I can get cracking this weekend!

The Craftaholic

Fantasy Fiber Earrings

Today I made these beautiful earrings with Fantasy Fiber, by Art Glitter.

These are so super simple to make.

You’ll need an iron, fantasy fiber, hoops, and of course, earring backs.

All you do, is make the fiber, by laying it out on a piece of cardstock, and ironing it.

Then, you get your hoop, and gently fold it over the hoop, and iron it together. The ironing will work as a “glue”. That’s it! Poke a small hole to put the earring back, and that is it.

Now…want a little more shine to your earrings? I took different shade of fantasy fiber (brown), and put it on top of the earring, laying flat, sandwiched between two pieces of fabric, ironed it, burned the edges a bit, and this is what I got:

What a difference, eh?

So, what do you think? You like them?

The Craftaholic

TUTORIAL: Mixed Media Beeswax Tag

Here’s a quick and fun project for you.

I don’t know about you, but I love using jumbo sized tags as bookmarks. Don’t you? I put them in crafting books and fiction books that I read on the train.

Anyway, here’s what I made:

AND, here’s how to make it:

1. Cut out a 3″x6″ square, and snip off the two top edges, so that it looks like a tag.\

2. Glue some newspaper onto the paper so that it covers the paper.

3. Rub some Tim Holtz Distress Ink over it, and on the edges.

4. Cut out some vintage pictures (I got mine from Alpha Stamps).

5. Get out your Fantasy Fiber in “Cotton Cloud” and iron lightly, making a pretty fabric. Glue it over the newspaper paper.

6. Glue the pictures over the fantasy fiber.

7. Get some beeswax pellets, and melt them with your embossing gun.

8. While the beeswax is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter by Art Institute-I used the color “Confection” from their Dazzlers line.

9. Punch a hole on the top, and add a tassel. I used some pretty sparkley yarn by Lion Brand Yarn.

C’est fini!

The Craftaholic

that’s it! Poke a

Create-A Watercolor Journal


“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

-Abraham Lincoln

I keep telling people when they tell me they worry too much, that life is too short. There is so much focus on saving money for the future, and planning for the future, and living a healthy lifestyle, but not enough emphasis on how much joy and peace there is in your life.

I always go back to forgiveness and letting go. We store too many things within ourselves; we suppress things. Why are we so focused on the outside, and not on the inside?

We must look within ourselves and let go of the negativity. It doesn’t serve a purpose, at all. Let it go. Life will continue and pass you by, and all you will be left with is these useless feelings that only repel others from you.

I finished something I am truly proud of. I wanted to keep it for myself! This is for a swap, on craftster. I got flaked on by my original partner, and got assigned a new one, so I put some effort into it.

She said she wanted a combination of lined and unlined pages, so I gave her that.

This book has a spiral binding, for which I used my binditall machine.  I used fantasy fiber that I ironed and made into a fabric, to layer on the cover, with a vintage playing card, and typewriter letters by All Night Media, by Plaid Crafts.

This fairy is a rubber stamp, by All Night Media by Plaid Crafts.

Here, you can see how I made it lined for her. I was unsure as to what I should do for the other side of the watercolor pages, so I went ahead and glued lined paper to the blank side of the watercolor paper. This way, she’s got lined AND unlined pages in her journal. Nice, right?

I stamped quotes and images on the pages of watercolor paper, so they can serve as writing prompts for her. Plus, it’s nice looking.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I hand painted the watercolor paper. It’s easy! Squirt a nickel sized bit of watercolor into a spray bottle, then fill almost full with water, and shake. You can spray it on, then brush it with your brush, so that it makes more of an interesting look on the paper!

That’s all for now. I have a couple more small-ish swaps to work on and send out. And I got a sudden craving for Nutella. Yum.

The Craftaholic

Butterfly Altered Journal


“Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

-William Faulkner

Copycats. Remember when you were in school, and someone would copy your work? It’s pretty common to look on websites like Craftster and Flickr for inspiration on your next project. You may even pick up a craft book to look up a new technique. It’s normal. Copying, however, does not need to be.

Step outside yourself. Challenge yourself. Within your creativity, as humans, we always try to add limits to things, to places, and our life. For some things, limits are a good thing; they can teach you discipline and control over life in general. But within creativity, limits are not a good thing.

I had a gym teacher who once told me to never say can’t. Maybe every gym teacher says that. But this particular gym teacher, was one that I will never forget. I’m really not much of an athlete. So this was his way of encouraging me, and the other skinny awkward kids in my class.

In art and creativity, never say can’t. Never. Never say you can’t. You just keep going. You keep trying. You continue to work at your creativity, and your creative process. Don’t compare yourself to others either. Just be what comes naturally to you. Be proud of your work. It doesn’t have to look like something out of “Paper Crafts” magazine, or “Somerset Studio”. It only has to reflect the statement of who you are, and what you feel inside, the way you look at life and the world around you.

Create, don’t imitate. That’s the key.

Recently, I finished the first of a few projects. I used the Fantasy Fiber by Art Institute. That stuff is so cool! Do you know, you can iron it on a low setting, and make your own fiber? That’s awesome! That’s what I did.

That’s a close up, of course. This stamp is from 100 Proof Press, stamped on hot pink paper from Stampin up, I think.

Oh, this is an altered notebook. I forgot to mention that. This is probably going to be an Xmas gift. The fabric I made with the fantasy fiber is layered over some textured black paper.

Nice, right? I really like how this turned out.

So it’s easy to use fantasy fiber! Just put your iron on a low setting. I don’t have an ironing board because I frankly only use my iron for crafting reasons. So I just layed out some fantasy fiber on the table, spread out a little bit in the shape of the paper size I’d like. Then, on a low setting, I iron the fibers lightly and slowly. It gets fused together and forms a fiber! So cool! I love it! These are great for collage work. And cards. Wow.

Anything else? Meh. Not much to tell really. I have a couple new books I’m working on, and some jewelry making swaps. I have been really into the swaps lately. They’re fun and a good way to get me making things without cluttering my home too much.

The Craftaholic

Hera, The Altoid Doll


“Try again, fail again. Fail better.”

-Samuel Beckett

You know, this reminds me of kid’s song on a show my daughter watches, called “Yo Gabba Gabba”. It goes, “keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up, never give up..”

It’s true. In the path to your creativity, or to your creative dreams, you must not give up. Keep on going, keep on pushing yourself, keep on trying.

One principle in sales, is the thought that you must come across a hundred “nos” before you reach one “yes”. It’s the same with your future, with your dreams. You might not hit the jackpot on the first try, but everything in life is meant to be. Make your destiny happen, and keep trying. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Giving up on your creativity is, in my opinion, like giving up a part of yourself. The things you make and create….they express a part of you. When I receive swaps in the mail, I can see what kind of person the artist is, just by looking at their work.

Don’t give up that part of yourself. Keep going. When it gets tough, that’s when you keep going. That’s when you DON’T give up. Keep going, past the tribulation, onto the path of your own brand of success.

I recently finished a doll that I had to make for a swap that I’m in. Her name is Hera. My daughter named her. Here she is:

She challenge for this, was that we had to use an Altoid Tin somehow.  It opens up, and there’s stuff inside. The altoid tin itself is decoupaged with pages from a book, and Mod Podge. Then I went over it with the Tim Holtz alcohol applicator thingie and some assorted colored inks.

On the left, there is the body of an earring that I made. And a domino piece, that was altered. Then on the right, I used Fantasy Fiber to make a “nest” for the fairies inside. Clip art was from Alphastamps.

I added a buddha because I couldn’t help myself. I hope my partner doesn’t mind.

Here’s a close up of the head:

Well, what do you think?

Oh, she has wings. Her wings were glittered, using Art Institute “Dazzlers” glitter, and glue. Art Institute Glitter was used because a glue gun is just too frustrating for me, and their glue is awesome! It glues anything, and is quite strong.

So that’s that. I have to make some paper mache beads, because I ran out of beads, and want to make my own. It’s eco friendly, and you have more control over the color and size. I have to make a tutorial for you though, because the one I used made me fail miserably. So after consulting with my dear husband, I found a way to make it happen for me.

The Craftaholic