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An Altered Journal for a Pin Up Fan

Today I worked on a swap. I do love creating things for swaps, it’s so much fun. The swap that I worked on today, is for an altered journal. Fortunately for me, I happened to have a very good artist sketchbook, just waiting to be altered.

My partner’s favorite color is purple, and she loves pin up girls. So here’s what I came up with:

Now, I know that it is not typical of me to have a lot going on, as I love to lean towards the simple side, but today I was in the mood for a lot going on. I used purple acrylic paint by Plaid Crafts, Pan pastels in purple, typewriter font background stamp, and fusible glittery fibers, by Art Institute Glitter. The flower is by Prima, and is hiding a smudge. Damned inky fingers.

I used dimensionals to get Ms. Betti Page to pop out a bit more.

The ribbon was sent to me as extras, in a swap I was in.

The film strip ribbon is by Mr. Tim Holtz. I love that stuff!

What else? Today I am catching up on a bunch of swaps. I usually do them in bundles, since I wait until I have the extra $$ to mail them all out. It’s easier to do it once every couple weeks or so, then to have to keep going every so often.

Oh man. The other day, I made the most AMAZING portobello mushroom pizza and blackberry lemonade. It was SO good. Don’t worry,the food blog is coming. But since I don’t have the most high tech camera in the world, you all will just have to wait until my dear husband has the time to take amazing shots with my crappy camera, of the step by step.

That’s all for today.


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Fused Plastic Bag Pouch

So recently I played around with fusing plastic bags. I volunteer here and there, for an after school arts program, for which I was teaching this for, so I figured I’d make a sample.

Here’s what my sample looks like:

My little one was nice enough to hold it for me, so I could photograph it for you.

This project was so much fun, and so QUICK! Seriously. For a fun tutorial click here.

So that’s that.

The Craftaholic

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Make Your Own: Lavender Bath Salts

So recently a friend of mine saved her jam jars and gave them to me. Being in the pampering mood, I decided to make some lovely lavender bath salts.

I love making these bath salts, because salt is great in the tub, to soothe those aches and pains. And adding lavender, it can be a nice soothing bath.

Here’s a photo DIY for you.

That’s Lavender and Chamomile. Add a bit of both.

Mix it up.

You can decorate the jars. I didn’t do too much, because it’s going in your bathroom. I mean, it could get wet, you know. You don’t need essential oils. I didn’t use any. The scent of the fresh dried lavender is enough.

Hope you enjoy this little how-to! Recycle those jam jars!

The Craftaholic

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A Scrapbook, and a Giveaway

So I’ve mentioned before that I design for The Sampler, which is a lovely monthly scrapbook kit subscription.  I love the idea of monthly kits. They are such a fun way of stocking up on paper craft supplies.

I wanted to first show you a sneak peak, for May kit, and then show you what I’ve made with April’s kit. And, they’re having a giveaway, isn’t that nice?

So here’s a couple sneak peaks:

Trust me, the items in the kit are as yummy as they look, truly. Oh, and they are having a very lovely giveaway! Isn’t that nice?

Here’s what I made, with my April Kit:

Do you like it? I really do. I used some vintage lace trip to bind the paper bag book. I love making paper bag books. They are so much fun! And so portable. You know? AND, the pockets. I’m a sucker for pockets, since I love to save things.

I’ve recently gotten back into scrapbooking, for reasons I cannot yet tell you. So you’ll have to wait another, uhm…4 or 5 weeks, and I’ll keep you in suspense that way.

But if you ever want to, I do suggest joining a monthly scrapbooking kit such as The Sampler, as it is chock full of all sorts of goodies.

I really want to tell you now, but I’m going to play it safe and wait a bit longer.

The Craftaholic

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A Hand Bound Book For Lisa

Sort of, that is. I think I had blogged about this one already, but this time it’s for sale, so I’m re-posting. Hope you don’t mind.

This is a hand bound sketchbook, with 100 pages of recycled paper, bound with my signature cardboard hardcover, a vintage picture frame, and hand dyed flower in the middle.

I originally made this as a sketch for a workshop, for my friend Lisa Kettell, but due to our busy lives, it never happened. So I have decided to put this baby up for sale, in my shop.

You like it?

I should make more of these, I think.

Hmmm. As far as food cravings are concerned, pizza is quite popular in this house. Homemade is even better. Yum. With ham and onion. Oh man.

What else? Well, my art supply closet is back to being a splendid mess. I do want to organize it, though. An organized mess, you know? Right now, it’s a bit too cluttered, even for me. And that’s saying a lot. I did de-stash some things tho. I’m getting rid of a bunch of rubber stamps I don’t use and such.

Things like fabric and paint, I never get rid of, though.

The Craftaholic

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More Scallop Circle Flowers

Here’s another take on my ever-favorite scallop circle flowers.

I cut the flowers with my Big Shot, using a scallop circle die, and pages from a book that I didn’t care for. I would reccomend buying a dictionary, or using a newer book for this project, since vintage pages are a bit too fragile for that.

I used my PAN brand Pastels, and my own Twinkling H20s that I made myself. How did I do that? I used a handy dandy video from Youtube.

That video is SO awesome. In the last photo, you can see how it really adds a nice shimmer. I really enjoyed this. These scallop flowers are a fun for scrapbooking if that’s your thing, or for card making if you like that too. I personally will be adding a spray primer that makes the paper “hard” and waterproof, so I can make them into hair clippies.

You like it?

Today, I’m off to Chinatown, to buy supplies for a workshop that I’m teaching this weekend. I love chinatown, don’t you?

The Craftaholic

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A Collage Podge Book

Recently, for one of the last art swaps I’ve joined, I created a hand bound collage book.

The cover is made from vintage fabric from my stash. The lace trim you see there, is also from my stash. Can’t remember where I got it. The fabric was given to me by my husband’s old co-worker who was quite the seamstress.

That’s a glimpse of the inside. It’s nice, right?

This book was sent out in a swap, but I can make one like this for you, if you want. Just leave me a comment and I’ll email you back.

It’s so fun to make books like this. I love it.

What else? I’m quite busy lately. Tomorrow, I’ve got to bake a cake for a friend in my poetry group who’s birthday it is. Red Velvet cake. I usually bring my leftover baked goods, so that’s what I’m up to.

Also, I took a trip to Dick Blick and got some stuff to make my own twinkling H2Os! More on that on Friday.

The Craftaholic

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Decoupaged Wood Bead Necklace

Recently I held a workshop with my art group, on making decoupaged wood bead necklaces. We had so much fun. Here’s a picture of what I made.

Cute, right? We of course, used Mod Podge for these. And they are so much fun. If you’ve got a paper shredder at home, you can shred your junk mail, and make your own beads just like this! I dried them on a wooden skewer.

What do you think? Nice, right?

I like these. I’m going to put them in my christmas gift bin. I want to start early. I’m taking a break from doing too many swaps, so I can concentrate on my art, and making things for sale.

On a personal note, my husband and I had been going through some stuff, and have come out of it with sheer bliss and love on our faces. So I’ll be chatting a bit more here.

We’ve also decided to try to have another baby, can you believe it? Woohoo! Trust me, when I pee on a stick and see two blue lines, you all will be the second to know (after my hubs, of course).

Dakota will be four in May, and I cannot believe it. Wow.

I’ve got some ideas for jewelry pieces that I’m going to be selling in my shop online, and I also will be carrying some new handbound books in my etsy shop. I’m excited for that.

Other than that, I’m just really awaiting spring. I hate the cold weather. I don’t mind it in December because I LOVE christmas (and my birthday is in December) but after that, I just want to fast forward to spring and summer. Summer is great, because you don’t need a lot of money to have fun. Pack up some sandwiches and go to Coney Island, that’s what I do most days. I love the ocean a lot. And I’m pale, so sitting in the sun won’t hurt me much.

Ta-ta for now.

The Craftaholic

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Just a Pretty Necklace

So here’s an item I just finished making. This is sample #1 of 2 that I have to make, for a workshop I’m teaching on April 17th, at the Brooklyn Bead Box.

I love the earthiness of the beads, in contrast with the pretty flower pendant. I made the pendant with a glass tile that I got on etsy, and used a bit of scrap scrapbook paper. Do you like it?

I’m teaching this as a workshop at the Brooklyn Bead Box, on April 17th.

Click here to RSVP and find out details.

That’s all for now. Oh, and I created a fan page for my art group. Click here to become a fan.

And that’s it. I am happy that the spring is finally arriving. The sun is out. Yippee.


The Craftaholic

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A Pair of Wish Jars

One of the new companies I design for is Blockhead Stamps. Recently they sent me some new goods and treats to play with. Here’s a new item I just recently finished making, their stamps, and acrylic paint daubbers that they sell. I love those paint daubers! How cool!

I used Mod Podge with dictionary paper, and then went over it with mod podge, waited for it to dry, and then went over it with the paint daubers. Then, I used this “Joker” stamp set, for the little hats there, and a stamp sentiment that I had. Cute, right? And of course, lacey ribbon finishes the items nicely.

These are wish jars. Write down your wishes on a full moon, and set it on your windowsill until your wish comes true. Or, if you’re not a superstitious person, just make one for vanity’s sake.  It’s cute.

Oh, and no, I can’t remember where I got the bottles, at all. Sorry. I litterally had that in my stash for a year or more.


The Craftaholic


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