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Old/New Candle Holders

I have a friend who is really into couponing. Because of this, it has peaked my interest. After christmas, due to coupons and a clearance section, I was able to get these little candle holders for about ten cents. Yes, really.

On another note, I also collect pretty napkins, mostly for collage work and candles and things. I went to an event where they had these pretty elephant napkins, I just had to make like a hillbilly and put some in my purse.

I decided to decoupage the candle holders, and here’s what came of it:

Originally, I had seen something like this on pinterest, but it was just a review for a book. These are quite easy to make.

Just get yourself a sponge brush, Mod Podge, and some candle holder thingies. Brush on the Mod Podge, and CAREFULLY put your napkin on, and smooth it over with your hand. Then carefully brush some more mod podge over it, and let it dry.

Easy peasy, right?

Oh, and here’s a new item of interest: I’ve got a newsletter now. If you want to keep up with my goings on, get exclusive content, and be “in the know” I highly suggest you subscribe to my newsletter.

What else? Oh, I’ll be posting a fun announcement today. Stay tuned. Or if you’re on my facebook page, as a fan or something, you’ll see the update on my status. Be excited. I certainly am!

The Craftaholic

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Decoupaged Wood Bead Necklace

Recently I held a workshop with my art group, on making decoupaged wood bead necklaces. We had so much fun. Here’s a picture of what I made.

Cute, right? We of course, used Mod Podge for these. And they are so much fun. If you’ve got a paper shredder at home, you can shred your junk mail, and make your own beads just like this! I dried them on a wooden skewer.

What do you think? Nice, right?

I like these. I’m going to put them in my christmas gift bin. I want to start early. I’m taking a break from doing too many swaps, so I can concentrate on my art, and making things for sale.

On a personal note, my husband and I had been going through some stuff, and have come out of it with sheer bliss and love on our faces. So I’ll be chatting a bit more here.

We’ve also decided to try to have another baby, can you believe it? Woohoo! Trust me, when I pee on a stick and see two blue lines, you all will be the second to know (after my hubs, of course).

Dakota will be four in May, and I cannot believe it. Wow.

I’ve got some ideas for jewelry pieces that I’m going to be selling in my shop online, and I also will be carrying some new handbound books in my etsy shop. I’m excited for that.

Other than that, I’m just really awaiting spring. I hate the cold weather. I don’t mind it in December because I LOVE christmas (and my birthday is in December) but after that, I just want to fast forward to spring and summer. Summer is great, because you don’t need a lot of money to have fun. Pack up some sandwiches and go to Coney Island, that’s what I do most days. I love the ocean a lot. And I’m pale, so sitting in the sun won’t hurt me much.

Ta-ta for now.

The Craftaholic

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Paper Mache Work in Progress

So since my computer is still out of commission, I’m posting a little work in progress. This is a paper mache art piece, for a “Star” themed swap I am in, on craftster.

It’s a work in progress. This piece will be painted, then a bit of shimmer will be added, along with beads and such. After that, I’m wrapping some wire, and hand dying some ribbon to hang the star up. I think she’ll like it, don’t you?

Oh, and I should mention that I always use Mod Podge for my paper mache projects. It’s so much easier than glue.

The Craftaholic

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Butterfly ATC

When I first dabbled in “traditional” crafts, I started with making ATCs since I’m a collage artist, first and foremost. I haven’t actually made one in such a long time, and really wanted to get back to that, so I made a fun ATC with some supplies by All Night Media (by Plaid Crafts).

You like it? It’s soft and pretty, which isn’t normally my style, but I do like butterflies a lot.

The butterfly stamp is H100 Proof Press, and the sentiment is by Stampin’ Up. The ribbon is from my stash. I created my own background by smudging pigment ink pads on the paper, and stamping with a stamp from the set, “Ornamental” by All Night Media (by Plaid Crafts). I love love love this set!  It does make a pretty background.

I also used pop up dots by All Night Media. They make pop up dots, yes! And in the two sheets that come in a pack, you get assorted sizes, which comes in handy for various projects.

This is a sort of soft and feminine project, which in general is not my thing, but it’s working here. I added the ribbon so it can be a bookmark as well.

Most of you know that I’m a big fan of recycling. So yes, I used baseball cards for this one. I have a whole bunch of baseball cards that I bought on ebay and etsy a while back, so i’ll be using them for ATCs. It’s cool, because I don’t need to buy the precut paper! Cool, right?

One funny thing is that since I am designing for Plaid Crafts, and am a guest designer for several others, I rarely run out of supplies! The only thing I do run out of is card stock and glue. It’s a blessing, for sure.

I say this because the other day, I was at the fine art supply store, and realized I really only needed watercolor paper and glue. But you know what? They have pre-cut ATC paper, and even sell little cases to keep them in! At the art supply store! Cool, eh? But for me, I’d rather just make my own case, once I have enough of them (ATCs, that is).

You know on a side note, when  I finished my 365 day creative journey, I thought for sure that I wouldn’t be posting as often as I am. But I am! I can’t help it. Sometimes I make something and get so excited about it, I just can’t wait to share it.

Sugar Skull Earrings

Here’s a pair of earrings I made for one of my swap partners.

The stamp is from BombShell Stamps.

It’s easy to make a pair like this.

All you do, is stamp the image on sturdy watercolor paper, and color in the image with watercolor pencils. Glue a piece of decorative and sturdy scrapbook paper to the back side, and cut out the image.

After that, cover it with two coats of Mod Podge, and let dry.

I have this hole poker thing by Fiskars, that punches a tiny hole, so you’ll want to use that to poke a hole for the earring hook thing.

Sorry I haven’t got all the fancy terminology. I’m actually on my way out for a walk with my little one, for some branches and things, that I’ll need for another project.

You like this?

Oh, and I had some rhinestones that I glued on the eyes.

Cute, right?

The Craftaholic

Tim Burton would LOVE our windows

When painting our windows, we used Folk Art Acrylic Paints by Plaid Crafts. When you want to take it off, just scrape it off lightly and wash with soap and water.
That’s it!
If you can’t really paint that well, you can click here to find some templates. Or use stencils! Stencils are great for the artistically challenged!

Frida Kahlo Ornament

I’m on a roll with my craft projects. I made a set of Frida Kahlo ornaments for a swap.

Nice, right? I made one for my own tree, of course.

The butterfly frames are from Tattered Angels, and the glitter is Martha Stewart. I used Mod Podge for the dictionary paper, and chipboard to give it a sturdy backing.

The Craftaholic

TUTORIAL: Paper Mache Beads

Today I thought I would post my OWN method for paper mache bead making. I wanted to make my own a while ago, and scoured the internet for a tutorial.

I did find one, but the person requires you to make the base of the bead with wet paper mache, when I was always taught that paper mache has a DRY base.

So here’s my tutorial. It’s easy. VERY easy.

The first thing you are going to need is:

newspaper. Lots.

Mod Podge.

A bucket or bowl

a foam brush

Folk Art Brand Craft Paint (by Plaid Crafts)

So, the first thing you will do, is tear the paper into long strips.

You’re going to need two separate batches.

The first batch of strips will be dry.

Then, you’ll need a smaller batch of WET strips.

Now mind you, they don’t need to be super duper soaked for days, like most instructions give. But they do need to be soaked in water.

Next, go to the dry strips and crumple it into a ball shape.

Then, paste the wet strip over the crumpled ball, with mod podge. Be generous. For this, you’ll need your foam brush.

What I did, to let them dry, was put them on the shiny side of some wax paper.

Once they are dry, get an awl (a book binding tool) or a good long sharp needle, and poke a hole in it.

What I did, was string them on wire, then I painted them with folk art brand paint.

Give them a good two coats or so.

Then, when it’s dry, go over it with a bit of mod podge, to give it some shine.

That’s it! You’re done!

You may have found popular websites make you create a WET base, but true paper mache is made with a DRY base, not wet. Or else, you’d have a heck of a time waiting for it all to dry! I know I did, when I attempted these with a wet base.

The base of this is the crumpled up ball you made in the first place, so if you want a larger bead, use a larger base.

Hera, The Altoid Doll


“Try again, fail again. Fail better.”

-Samuel Beckett

You know, this reminds me of kid’s song on a show my daughter watches, called “Yo Gabba Gabba”. It goes, “keep trying, keep trying, don’t give up, never give up..”

It’s true. In the path to your creativity, or to your creative dreams, you must not give up. Keep on going, keep on pushing yourself, keep on trying.

One principle in sales, is the thought that you must come across a hundred “nos” before you reach one “yes”. It’s the same with your future, with your dreams. You might not hit the jackpot on the first try, but everything in life is meant to be. Make your destiny happen, and keep trying. Don’t ever give up on yourself. Giving up on your creativity is, in my opinion, like giving up a part of yourself. The things you make and create….they express a part of you. When I receive swaps in the mail, I can see what kind of person the artist is, just by looking at their work.

Don’t give up that part of yourself. Keep going. When it gets tough, that’s when you keep going. That’s when you DON’T give up. Keep going, past the tribulation, onto the path of your own brand of success.

I recently finished a doll that I had to make for a swap that I’m in. Her name is Hera. My daughter named her. Here she is:

She challenge for this, was that we had to use an Altoid Tin somehow.  It opens up, and there’s stuff inside. The altoid tin itself is decoupaged with pages from a book, and Mod Podge. Then I went over it with the Tim Holtz alcohol applicator thingie and some assorted colored inks.

On the left, there is the body of an earring that I made. And a domino piece, that was altered. Then on the right, I used Fantasy Fiber to make a “nest” for the fairies inside. Clip art was from Alphastamps.

I added a buddha because I couldn’t help myself. I hope my partner doesn’t mind.

Here’s a close up of the head:

Well, what do you think?

Oh, she has wings. Her wings were glittered, using Art Institute “Dazzlers” glitter, and glue. Art Institute Glitter was used because a glue gun is just too frustrating for me, and their glue is awesome! It glues anything, and is quite strong.

So that’s that. I have to make some paper mache beads, because I ran out of beads, and want to make my own. It’s eco friendly, and you have more control over the color and size. I have to make a tutorial for you though, because the one I used made me fail miserably. So after consulting with my dear husband, I found a way to make it happen for me.

The Craftaholic

Day 364: Bottlecap Alphabet Magnets


“We find that between the past and the future there is an extremely thin line—something that cannot really withstand analysis.”

-The Dalai Lama

It just means that we live our lives very close to the past and the future. But the truth is, we live in the now. Or at least, we should. Life is short on this earth. While we walk the earth, we should keep in mind, how close we really are to the past and future. We are close to it, but not there. Don’t live your life focused too much on one or the other. Bitterness comes from living in the past too much, and worry comes from living in the future too much. That’s my thought, anyway.

Today, I made something really cool!

I saved some bottlecaps from my daughters apple juice containers, and little jars of “NAKED” juice that I buy sometimes, and made a magnet set that spells out her name!

It’s easy.

Make sure you clean them, first.

Then, if you want, you can paint them. I used Apple Barrel Brand Paint by Plaid Crafts (in blue).

Then, get some pretty scrapbook paper. Trace and cut circles, then glue it with a glue stick.

Then, in coordinating paper, stamp out your child’s name. I used the Typewriter alphabet by All Night Media, by Plaid Crafts.

After that, go over it inside, with some Dimensional Magic, by Mod Podge.

Then, let it dry, and apply the magnet backs with Art Institute Glue.

That’s it! It’s easy peasy and so cool looking.