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Crocheting, with friends

Recently, I taught a few friends of mine from my art group, how to crochet. Here’s a couple shots of the fun we had.

That’s Yarrow, learning the (I think) double crochet. Go, Yarrow, Go!

Nice, right? This one was made with Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn.

It was so much fun! This weekend, it’s going to be bookbinding. I love book binding. In fact, I’ve got some new hand bound books I’ll be carrying in my shop soon.

What else?

Meh. Not much. It’s very busy in the Gonzalez household as we are all working on projects. Lots going on.

Anything else? No. Just nausea, as usual. The plus side is that at least it’s really nice out, so walking helps sometimes.

The Craftaholic

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Crochet a Pretty Capelet

I love to crochet. Some time ago, I finished making this lovely capelet:

Here’s another version of it:

Cute, right?

This weekend, I’m teaching a class on how to crochet, where you can make a capelet such as either of these two. Crocheting is fun and easy to learn.

I hope you’re free this weekend, so you can come out, and learn (or get better at) crochet. Click here for RSVP details.

The Craftaholic

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Mohair Crocheted Flower

So here’s the last piece of the swap. I made a sort of avant garde, oversized hair clip for my “Anthropologie” themed swap partner.

Anyway, that is that. I don’t have a pattern, because I kind of made it up. It’s just a crocheted strip that I rolled up and sewed together. But I’m sure there is a pattern out there, somewhere.

I made one for myself, also. A lovely shade of blue, because blue is one of my favorite colors, along with purple.

It’s Saturday. A few days ago, I went to the Martha Stewart show taping. I was in the audience. I love Martha Stewart, she totally inspires me. Today, I have a learn to crochet workshop at my lovely gravesend (Brooklyn) apartment. I’m baking banana almond muffins just for them. And good strong coffee. Gotta have that.

The Craftaholic

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Crocheting, No Matter What the Weather

It’s freezing cold in New York City. I mean it is really, really cold. Despite that, I held a crochet workshop in my place, with a few folks from my craft group. Here’s some shots of us in action.

My daughter had to sneak in the shot. Yes, she’s playing with my ball winder.
We had fun, can’t you tell? It was so nice, being surrounded by lovely creative people, doing what I love: inspiring others to create, and teaching them something new.
Anyway, that’s that.
My neighbors are from Mexico, born and bred, and made some dinner for us tonite. It was so good. They make the best guacamole! It’s damn spicy, but it is SO good. I didn’t care that my mouth was on fire, that was the best pork taco I ever had.
The Craftaholic

A Crochet Flower Necklace

I just made a couple of these for a swap I’m in. Cute, right?  I used Lion Brand Yarn for these. They have this pretty mohair blend that crochets up nicely.

If you happen to be a friend or family of mine, then guess what you’re getting for Christmas.

The Craftaholic

Fingerless Gloves & A Hat for Dakota

Here’s my latest project.

Fingerless gloves, and a hat for my little one. I made the gloves fingerless because she loves to grab stuff, eat, and things, while we are out on our daily adventures.

And the hat I made with a pretty scallop edge, just to make it a little more interesting. She likes things plain and simple, so no flower adorns this hat. But it has flaps to keep her ears warm.

I was thinking about writing down the pattern, for both of them, but for now I have it in my head. Will write it down soon.

The Craftaholic

Crochet Workshop

Hey friends. I just wanted to let you all know that I’m going to be giving a crochet workshop coming up, in December. It’s not too late to sign up!

You’ll be making this capelet:

Nice, right?

The pattern for this capelet is not yet released, and is my own unique design. I created this design years ago, and now I want to share it with you!

You’ll get:

Free Yarn & crochet hook
Free capelet Pattern
Tea, Coffee

Plus instructions by me.

Yarn provided will be 100% wool, unless you specify any particular allergy.

The price? It’s only $35. Yep! Learn to crochet, or just get better at it, for only $35. Not a bad deal, don’t you think?

This event is on December 11.

Click here to RSVP!

Crocheted Cloche Hat

This weekend, I got started on my Christmas presents. YES. I really did. I made this hat for a friend of mine.

You like it? I used Debbie Stoller’s “full o’ sheep” brand wool yarn, so it can be a nice warm hat for those cold winters here in New York.

I also made a hat for my little one.

But unfortunately, it’s too small for her! So I’m going to swap it. In one of the swaps I’m in, on craftster, my partner happens to have a 10 month old, so this is perfect. This hat is also using Debbie Stoller’s “full o’sheep” yarn. I actually really enjoy working with her yarn, and it’s nice that it’s so inexpensive.

Anyway, that’s that. This week, I’m sending out all my swaps. Or at least, most of them. I’m going to really try hard to not sign up for any more swaps. I’m really going to try. Hard.

Swaps are so addictive! I get such cool things! And when you get duds, you can always take it apart and use the pieces. Right? Arg. I want to get ready for Xmas. So much to do!

I am in so many swaps, that I tend to send out at least 4 or 5 packages every two weeks (when my husband gets paid, hehe).

Anyway so that’s what I’m working on. Swaps. Swaps, and Halloween decor for the house.

Stitch and Bitch Lunch with Debbie Stoller

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to a book release party with Debbie Stoller.

It was so much fun! Although I am not a fan of cold cuts, I did have a lot of fun and it was so awesome to meet Debbie Stoller. It’s alwasy wonderful to meet a person who works in the craft industry, who is down to earth, and doesn’t think her poo doesn’t stink.

I thought I’d share some pics with you.

My stash. I love this color for this time of year, so I’m making a hat for my little one. I think I’ll have enough to make a flower on the side, and ear flaps.

Debbie was talking about her book, what inspired her, and about the contents of the book: the patterns, the stitch work, etc.

There she is, posing for me. She’s a very sweet person! It is so refreshing to meet someone who is so accomplished, yet so down to earth. You’ve gotta love that.

Today has been designated as the Halloween decoration day in our house. I LOVE halloween. I wasn’t allowed to celebrate it as a kid (due to my parents being very religious), so when I had my daughter, I went nuts with halloween! It’s so fun! Free candy!

The Craftaholic

Day 310: Another Crocheted Garland


“If a person has a calm and stable mind, this influences his/her attitude and behavior in relation to others.”

-The Dalai Lama

Again, let us be like the tree, strong and stable, rooted in our beliefs, rooted in ourselves. This of course, means that we must delve into ourselves, and discover who we truly are.

Rumi talked about silence and being still. This is the sure way to discover yourself. You don’t have to take a vow of silence. You can silence the chatter in your life. Watch less tv. Think more. Listen more.

Today, I brought out a project I am eternally working on. It’s a crocheted garland. I am almost finished with it. I’m taking it with me on the train. We are going to visit my parents today.

So that’s all. I’ve got to rush off.

Hope you like it.

The Craftaholic