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A Little Bouquet of Flowers

Another piece of the “Anthropologie” swap was finished today. A nice and simple ring, but it matches nicely with the necklace.

I added glitter, and Cabychons, and then filled it with seed beads.

I hope she’ll like it.

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Glitter + Textured Paint = Bliss

Today I finished a fun crafty item.

Plaid crafts makes a fun item you may or may not be aware of : Texture Paint.

I was so excited to work with this product. Here’s the photo, before I go on rambling about it.

Oh, I have to tell you. I loved making this. I used a bit of blue folk art paint (also by Plaid), and mixed it with the textured medium. Then, I applied it on, like paint, waited for it to dry, and then LIGHTLY sprayed some spray adhesive over it, and sprinkled some glitter in TWILIGHT by Art Institute. Then, the flowers are just silk flowers from the dollar store (if you can believe it). It’s that easy!

The frame is also by Plaid. I think you can find them at Walmart or Michael’s.

Here’s a close up:

and, so you can see what the paint looks like, finished:

You see? It’s gritty and grainy. I LOVE this stuff!

Day 297: Birthday Keepsake Card


“It is said that if you want to know what you were doing in the past, look at your body now.”\

-The Dalai Lama

Your body tells an interesting story. Is that it? YEs. Your body, the way you carry yourself, your manners, the way you eat in public, your posture….all these things tell a story of what you’ve gone through.

It’s a good idea to keep our bodies healthy, and maintained. I’m trying. I am slowly giving up red meat. And today, starts me yoga practice again! I am going to do yoga every day, if I can. If I add it to my daily routine, I know I’ll do it. I’ll just add it in, after my morning crafty time. My daughter does it with me, so that’s not a problem. She loves it. So that’s my resolution for keeping my body healthy.

You’ll notice that yesterday I didn’t blog. This is because I am totally not feeling well, at all. It’s my “lady parts”. They are acting up and causing me lots of physical pain.

Also, today is my mother in law’s birthday, and so we celebrated it yesterday. I’ll show you the card I made.

I made her a keepsake card, that she can keep as a memory of her family.

I really like it! I used Tim Holt’z grunge board, my own homemade glimmer mist (inside the Ranger Ink’s mister thingies), A butterfly frame from Tattered angels, glitter by stampin up, and flowers by Prima. And the decorative paper by Colorbok. And the ink by Stampin up.

I like it. And she liked the earrings I also made her. At least that’s what she told me, anyway.

Well, this week is supposed to be a heat wave here in New York City. So that means more sweltering sweating nasty heat. And lots of sunblock. I try to go out when it’s hot, so that I don’t waste too much money on the A/C. It’s expensive, you know? Although it is nice to just hibernate away from the nasty oven like heat.

The Craftaholic

Day 286: Altered Clock Owl Shrine


“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”

-The Buddha

It is SO much easier sometimes to just give up. It is of course, much easier to just give up. But don’t. Don’t give up. Keep going. No matter what it is, you can get through it. Take it from a person who has been through hell and back: never, ever, give up on your dreams. EVER. It may not happen at the same time as your friend or neighbor, but what is meant to happen will happen, so long as you work at it.

Today, I made a shrine for an owl.

I went to Ikea, and bought a $2.99 clock, and took the parts out, and came up with a funny looking owl shrine.

What do you think?

There it is, on my bookshelf next to my Lakshmi Shrine, and my Saint. Francis statue. You see that tiny little box on the left, with a star inside? That is the first shrine I ever made!

Anyhow, it’s not in NYC. Really hot and gross. It’s best to stay home, and think cold thoughts. I’m feeling better with my cough and cold, but now my little one’s got it. Great.

I also better get cracking, I have a ton of swaps coming up! Holy moly!

The Craftaholic

Day 284: Butterfly Wall Hanging


“Violence is a destructive power. Nonviolence is constructive.” -The Dalai Lama

I’ll keep today’s post rather short because I am feeling under the weather, and have been laying down all day. At any rate, violence doesn’t have to just mean with raised fists. It can be with words and gossip. Words can hurt. It was shocking to me to learn, when I delved into the craft world, that there is so much cattiness, gossip, jealousy, and competition. And stealing of ideas. And backstabbing. It is insanity. To me, art is something that surpasses the idea of who is better than whom, or who has unique ideas. Cattiness, gossip, and ill words are destructive.

Use your words for good, not bad. Don’t talk about people. If you feel the need to gossip about someone, perhaps you should just think of what it is about the person that you envy. Yes, I said it. Deal with it.

Today, I made a pretty wall hanging. I’ve been into the butterfly thing lately. But don’t worry, I’ll get back to my owls soon enough.

I really like it.

Here’s a close up of the butterflies:

Nice, right?

I like this a lot. I want to make one for my beloved owls.

Oh, I also made the most delicious cupcakes. Burnt Butter Brown Sugar Cupcakes, from a recipe book of Nigella Lawson, “How to be a Domestic Goddess”.  I added hazelnuts, and it is simply amazing.

Oh, and this is what’s on my needles:

I can’t tell you what it’s going to be because it’s for an article that I’m submitting to something that I also can’t tell you. But if I get the job, you’ll be the first to know.

The Craftaholic

Day 275: An Altered Journal


“Compassion is compulsory for everyone to practice, and if I were a dictator I would dictate to everyone to do so.” -The Dalai Lama

Compassion is SO important. Why? Because it spreads. It’s contagious. Start it. Make it happen, start today, and it will catch on with others. Just don’t do it expecting people to be nice to you all the time. That never works. Just spread compassion.

Today, my parents came to visit, which is why my post is so late in the day.

I did find a LITTLE time to get crafty.

I had a journal that I got from a swap recently, but I wanted to make it mine. You know? It didn’t really say anything to me. So, I covered it in pretty paper, and here’s what I ended up with:

You like?

The bird cage is *I think* from a stack of Amy Butler papers that I bought on etsy. I love to buy mini stacks of papers from etsy because they are so cheap, and it’s a nice way to preview a stack to see if you like it.

It’s easy to do this, actually. All you do, is cut the paper to size, and glue the sucker on to your journal. Then, add an embellishment if you want. I actually added an inside pocket, because I have the habit of storing little papers and things inside my journals.

I got a mani/pedi today with my mom. THAT was awesome. I now am sporting pink glittery nail polish on my hands and feet. Love, I tell you.

What else? OH! I finished my zine today! I am so excited.

Here’s the link. I do hope you’ll support my efforts and purchase a copy. You can preview it online, but ordering it means you’ll get a hard copy in the mail. Cool, right?

I’m not sure if the next issue will come out in July or August. But it will be focused on Fiber Arts.

That’s all for now.

The Craftaholic

Day 265: A Pretty Little Bird


“Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease.” -The Dalai Lama

Let me translate for you: don’t get annoyed so easily at people. Okay? Ease up.

I know that living in a fast paced city like New York, it is easy to just get annoyed and want to, frankly, punch someone in the face. hard. as hard as you can manage.

It’s not because New York is a terrible place. It’s because there are so many people living here in close quarters, that a person is bound to get you annoyed. I think it’s like I said. We must respond to life in peace. Respond to the world around you with peace and understanding, so that you will get that in return.

Lately, I feel like I have been repeating myself. I realized though, that the common denominator in most of what the Dalai Lama and the Buddha spoke about, is about how you respond to the world around you. Everything in life comes down to how you respond to life.

Instead of getting annoyed, I can respond to a person in love. Then, at least I will have a good feeling instead of a feeling of being annoyed and cranky. You know?

Today, I finished my bird house! Yea!

At first, I tried to make it with an old shoe box I was saving. But no, that didn’t work. Instead, I used a crafty chica wood frame box that I had.

What do you think?

Here’s a close up:

I was thinking of something Maya Angelou said, “The caged bird doesn’t sing because he’s happy, he sings because he has a song”. But this little box is a happy one, not a sad one. There are no bars, so the bird is free. The sun shines over him. The sun is a retired stampin up stamp, on yellow cardstock. The bird and moss is from the dollar store. Buttons are from a collection. The Glue is Aleen’s Craft glue, and the box is from the Crafty Chica collection of craft supplies. Then of course, there is the cheapo glitter, and the acrylic turquoise paint.

The thought bubble is hand cut from a vintage music booklet. What do you think? You like it?

I love this.

Not much else to report except that it is hot as heck out there today. I’m staying inside where my fan and some ice cream will comfort me.  Also, here’s a word of advice: never call your customer a liar. It’s just not good business practice. You know?

The Craftaholic

Day 200: Glittery Cat Bookmarks


“The rationale for loving others is the recognition that every living being has the same right to and desire for happiness and not suffering.”

We ALL have the right to be happy, and live a positive life. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s choices in life, doesn’t mean that their misfortune is their fault. This is a major misconception among the religious folks that I grew up with. Some religions preach that if your life is not going in a positive way, if things are not going the way you planned it to be, that it is because of your lack of faith in their personal god, or belief system. My parents and cousins actually believe this way. Who cares what other people think? I could care less. I have cousins that live in suburbia, and think that I must be sad because I live in an apartment in Brooklyn. One cousin came to my apartment for the first time and said, “Oh I’m suprised that this is such a nice area, and it’s brooklyn.” Meanwhile, some of the hippest and richest people in the United States live here in brooklyn.

I am happy where I’m at. I don’t need fixing. I don’t need any salvation. I AM my own salvation. My happiness lies within me, with my joy of being a mother and an artist.

Anyway, today’s crafty endeavor is a set of 6 bookmark tags. I use bookmarks A LOT. This is mostly because I have a lot of books that I read simultaneously. Right now, I’m reading the books: Che, Frida, The Dhamapadama, and the Motorcycle Diaries. And then the craft books, Wooh! I could use up the whole set just marking up the pages of “The Big Ass Book of Crafts” by Mark Montano. Seriously.

Anyway, here’s the set I made:

Awesomness, don’t you think? The paper is from Junebug. The stamp set is called Cool Cat, I think. It’s a retired Stampin Up set. I put some glitter on the edges. It’s foil glitter. Then I sprayed it with a spray glaze thing, so that the glitter won’t go all over the place. Nothing worst than craft herpes.

Anyway, the paper is cut from a die cut with my big shot. I used to have a cricut, but that thing is just annoying. Why the heck would I want to spend over $60 on some cartridge when all I want is one or two of the whole set? I’m cheap. What can I say. I’d rather buy more fancy papers than buy a cartridge. That, and I can use my big shot with my little one, and not fear that she’ll get her hand caught, or break the machinery. Plus, I just like it and I couldn’t figure that thing out for the life of me. I don’t like it when I have to buy extra parts for expensive gadgets. You know?

Anyway, here’s a close up shot:

I love these! Oh yeah, I embossed the cat, so he’d stand out a bit more. And then the tassel is of generic purple yarn, and DMC Threads. I love that they have such pretty sparkly threads!

What else?

Oh, I got the parts for my I-Top Brad maker. So I made a set of jumbo brads.

Now, what the heck do I do with them?

The Craftaholic

Day 183: Plant Some Glittery Seeds


“I believe that, fundamentally, human nature is positive, gentle; therefore, the non-violent way is the human way.”

I’ll be obviously short here since I have caught my daughter’s bug and am quite under the weather. I am, at the moment, under the influence of nyquil. Now, being heavy into holistic medicine, this was not my choosing. I have my elderberry & echinacea tea. But my dear husband insisted on “real” medicine. So here, I am blogging away feeling quite drowsy.

So I’d like to think that what the Dalai Lama is saying here, is that we all have in ourselves to be all the things we envision ourselves to be. To me, that’s what this means.

We all have it in ourselves to be creative, happy, peaceful people. Instead, we become animalistic, looking out for no one but ourselves. Perhaps we should just remember that we are humans, not a praying mantis, that eats it’s young. We can each become beautiful amazing monarch butterflies, flitting through the sky. We have the ability.

Today, I did a crafty thing with my daughter. For my birthday, my sister in law gave me this nice little herb kit. So I decided to get crafty with it.

Remember the glitter I colored the other day? Well, I decided to put that to work with my little terra cotta planters.

Cool right?

Planting the seeds….

So that’s all for now. I must give in to the nyquil and go to sleep. But I should say that I got a sewing machine today! Yay! I am so excited! I want to make so many things that it almost makes me nutty!

The Craftaholic

Day 178: Make A Book of YOU-Part 1 + custom colored glitter!


“If you have a sincere and open heart, you naturally feel self-worth and confidence, and there is no need to be fearful of others.”

Yesterday I wrote about having a good heart. Today, it’s about being open and sincere. The one thing I hate about living in New York is the fakeness of people. I hate that. More than I can’t stand the coldness, I have low tolerance for fake people.


One thing we can all try to do, is know our truth. If we know our truth, then we know ourselves, and can act with a “sincere and open heart”. But then…what does it mean to know our truth? Our truth is who we are, and what we are looking for. Knowing this can affect your every day life, and the friendships you seek.

Know your truth. What do you REALLY want in life? What are your dreams, your goals in life? Are you who you envision yourself to  be? What I mean is, we all come to this earth flawed, and wrinkled. I realized this shortly after giving birth to my daughter. Not that she had flawed, because really, how many flaws can a 3 week old have, right? But she already had her own personality. Even in the hospital, just a few days old, she never wanted to be swaddled. She would wiggle and squirm until she had nothing on her. I thought it was so cute, that she just didn’t like something. I mean, only a few days old, and she already had her likes and dislikes.

So we all come to the earth with our quirks and our flaws. But we can choose to evolve. Do you see yourself evolving, changing, growing? I see myself growing. Evolving. But then, I’m a sagitarius. We LIVE for change and evolution. If you’re a taurus or virgo out there (who detest change), just think: we all grow up to be adults. And just as our physical body grows, so our spiritual body, and mental self must also grow. It is not nice to be just like our children in the playground.

When you are in touch with your truth, then it makes you respond to the world around you differently. When you are focused on the truth within you, you aren’t acting nutty, or expecting the world to grant you something it doesn’t have to.

Today I have a cool project for you. I started a project, it’s called, “The Book of You”.

This book is just as the title suggests. It’s a chunky scrapbook, about you. Not really the pictures, but about your desires. What do you see yourself becoming? What do you want from your life, from your future? This is what this book is about. This is a book of pictures, affirmations, and just all the things that catch your eye, that you call beautiful, combined with words and objects that personify what you want in life.

The first thing you’ll need is seven pieces of chipboard. These are cut to 1/4 the size of a regular copy paper sheet. I know there are more than seven sheets in the page. The rest are for another project soon to come.

After that, get some papers you really love. The papers will of course, go with your theme (which is or should be, what you want in life).

These are the ones I picked.

And on the other side….

Then, glue them to the chipboard. I covered all of them with the paper to the left, then the other side, with the paper to the right. I know some of the white parts and chipboard are sticking out. It doesn’t matter, we’re going to cover the edges with….

YES. Glitter.

Let that dry, and we’ll chat tomorow, about what to do next.

Meanwhile, here’s a bonus tute for you.

I love glitter snow. ALOT. It’s fun. The only thing is, it does of course, only come in clear white. But that can change, my crafty friends!

So, here’s how to make your own CUSTOM colored glitter.

You’ll need, of course, some glitter snow.

It’s easy peasy to do this. Just sprinkle the glitter on some cardstock.

Now for the next step, get your container where you plan on storing this glitter, and some india ink. India ink is easy to get at any art supply store.

Just put the glitter in your container, and add about 6 or 7 droppers full of india ink, and shake, shake, shake. Also, it helps to have a chopstick or bamboo skewer or something like that.

At the end, you should have some thing like this:

I had to take the picture in the bathroom, because it has the best lighting. And you still can’t really see all the glimmer to it. But trust me, this works. You can also use glimmer mist, but it makes for a  paler look.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

The Craftaholic