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Crocheted Bead Necklace

Finally I made something JUST FOR ME.

I really love this necklace. I was inspired as I always am, by a stroll through the city. Whenever I am out and about, I always notice the jewelry that women where. I happen to have a yen for necklaces and earrings, personally.

One day I noticed a woman wearing something with a chain, and crocheted beads, but you could tell she probably bought it somewhere.

Anyway, I have a whole bunch of these from another project, and decided to make something for myself.

The beads are crocheted, and there is wire that connects the beads with jump rings, to the chain.

It’s a long necklace because I love long necklaces.

This week, I am going to bust out the rest of my swaps, and then I am officially done with mail swaps.

Why, you ask?

Without going into too much of a tantrum, I really just am not feeling it anymore. I find that people who swap more often then not, are quite greedy, and usually I do not get the same grade or quality that I give.

I also do not have time for the “I never got it” or the excuse, that it’s “not going by the swap rules”. And I end up spending a lot of money on shipping things out. This is money that I realize I could be investing in advertising my etsy shop or blog.

Which by the way, I’m having a grand re-opening in August. It’s open. But I’m having a celebration to announce it next month. My new etsy shop is more a reflection of “The Craftaholic” and all the things that I create, which I want to create and carry in my shop.

This shop consists of handmade jewelry, mixed media art, and of course, my hand bound Eco-Journals. This is like, the third time I open a new shop. But I’ve been searching and searching for a sort of shop name that sticks with you, something that sounds like a fun boutique that I’d want to shop in. So finally, my husband came up with the name, Bad Toy Mural.

Neat, huh?

Well, that’s all for now.

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The Craftaholic

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Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and a baby garland

So today, I’ve listed a couple pairs of earrings, and a few more garlands.

Bettie Page. I actually am not swayed one way or another about her, but I have a few friends who are fans of hers, so that’s the inspiration for these earrings.

CLICK HERE to purchase them!

When I think of Marilyn Monroe, I think of pearls. I think of the color pink. And I think of a pair of earrings like these. I really like these a lot.

Click HERE to purchase them.


I made a couple garlands, and realized that they fit my daughter’s head perfectly! So here’s a couple of garlands I made, that you can also choose to wear as a headband.

My little one modeling, of course. I realized that these can be worn as headbands, so I put her to work. I really like these more, now. I promised her I’d make her one, in repayment for modeling it for me.

Click HERE to purchase!

And I love this one. Green is such a pretty color.

Click HERE to purchase!

Oh, and I’m still doing my art journal. I’m going to work on an entry now, after I blog this. Then, I have four ATC swaps, a lucky parcel swap, and a jewelry swap. Sheesh! I’m really busy. But I like it. It’s fun to get things in the mail, don’t you think?

I’ll show you my art journal entry tomorow.

Until tomorrow, my crafty readers.

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The Launching of Bad Toy Mural

Today is the launching of the NEW etsy shop of my husband and I, called “Bad Toy Mural”.

This week, I’ll be listing our handmade goods, little by little and each day you’ll see some of the work we put into our boutique.

Today, I listed some of my hand crocheted garlands. I’ve listed these for sale, because often when I wear them, people stop me on the street, simply to ask me where I purchased them, did I make them, and that I should put them up for sale.

So I have.

CLICK HERE to purchase!

And another:

CLICK HERE to purchase!

And one more:

Click HERE to purchase!

I really enjoy making these garlands. I started making them because I was bored on the train, and wanted to make a project that was quick to crochet. A friend of mine had asked me to make something like this for her, for repayment for some photos she took, while I was doing a craft party.

I love the way the color changes in each flower, and I love to layer these necklaces with other necklaces.

Again, I decided to sell them, after hearing so many people tell me, “those are so pretty, you should sell them!”

I will be posting more today, as the day goes on.

I’m happy that etsy has changed it’s format, so that it isn’t so annoying to post a product. Before I had to go and resize each picture, it was so annoying. I’m glad they changed that.

I’m deciding today, to just focus on my future, and not my past. Too often, we look at the past.

Father’s day is a very hard holiday for me to be quite honest, as it conjurs memories of past hurts, and makes me feel angry at times, that nothing was done about the crap that I was going through.

Instead, my abusers choose to act as if they never did anything, and that all I am doing is making up lies. I don’t know any sane person who would want to make up lies about disfunction, but I know I certainly would not.

What heals me from all of the hurt, is being a wife and a mom. Really. It sounds corny, but it’s true. My spiritual path, in combination with my supportive and loving husband, and beautiful baby girl, have really made it so that I look forward to waking up every day, and being a mom and a wife. Not only am I those things, but an artist and writer. You see, THESE are the things that are healing to me. And so, by choosing to focus on the good things, happiness is illuminated.

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The Craftaholic

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A Sneak Peak

So today, I’m giving you a sneak peak for an item that I’m creating for a project for DMC Threads. I love how it (so far) came out.

Oh, I love this, don’t you? These are crocheted beads. Can’t tell you too much, or I’d have to kill you. And I’m a peace-nick, so can’t have that.

Today, there is not much to say, except that I am really growing weary of this damned cold weather. I really just plain do not like it. And I’m really on a cooking kick lately. What’s your favorite site for getting recipes? I have my Larouse Gastronomique, a Julia Child Cookbook, and the Food Network. Those are my go-to places. Other than that, sometimes I dig thru my books based on my cravings, LOL.

Speaking of craving, lately I’ve been really into milkshakes. You know who makes them the best? White Castle. OMG. If you don’t live near one, you should move just so you can. Their cheese sticks where my drug when I was pregnant with Dakota! Man. All this talk about food is because I am actually quite hungry. Sorry about that. I should stick to talking about art, at least that won’t get me hungry! LOL!


The Craftaholic

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Mohair Crocheted Flower

So here’s the last piece of the swap. I made a sort of avant garde, oversized hair clip for my “Anthropologie” themed swap partner.

Anyway, that is that. I don’t have a pattern, because I kind of made it up. It’s just a crocheted strip that I rolled up and sewed together. But I’m sure there is a pattern out there, somewhere.

I made one for myself, also. A lovely shade of blue, because blue is one of my favorite colors, along with purple.

It’s Saturday. A few days ago, I went to the Martha Stewart show taping. I was in the audience. I love Martha Stewart, she totally inspires me. Today, I have a learn to crochet workshop at my lovely gravesend (Brooklyn) apartment. I’m baking banana almond muffins just for them. And good strong coffee. Gotta have that.

The Craftaholic

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Day 310: Another Crocheted Garland


“If a person has a calm and stable mind, this influences his/her attitude and behavior in relation to others.”

-The Dalai Lama

Again, let us be like the tree, strong and stable, rooted in our beliefs, rooted in ourselves. This of course, means that we must delve into ourselves, and discover who we truly are.

Rumi talked about silence and being still. This is the sure way to discover yourself. You don’t have to take a vow of silence. You can silence the chatter in your life. Watch less tv. Think more. Listen more.

Today, I brought out a project I am eternally working on. It’s a crocheted garland. I am almost finished with it. I’m taking it with me on the train. We are going to visit my parents today.

So that’s all. I’ve got to rush off.

Hope you like it.

The Craftaholic

Day 203: Crocheted Jewelry


“Each of us in our own way can try to spread compassion into people’s hearts. Western civilizations these days place great importance on filling the human “brain” with knowledge, but no one seems to care about filling the human “heart” with compassion. This is what the real role of religion is.”

Filling the human heart with compassion. What does this mean to you?

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I feel like I have too much going on to even focus on the condition of my heart. Don’t you? Between being a full time mom, artist, buisiness owner, wife, writer, craft teacher, and everything else, who has the time, right?

Well, there is always time. You must take the time to check the condition of your heart. You must take time to check your intentions and your desires. There is ALWAYS time. Try to take a few minutes just on your own, just to clear your mind, just to focus on you and your soul. Every day. Think about it. You don’t have to pray, or believe in prayer, or god or anything. If you do, that’s great. But focus. Just on you. On your soul. Cleanse your thoughts. Every day. Forgive, every day. Even if you have to forgive the same person over and over and over again.

Try. Every day. A preacher at a church that I grew up in said that prayer is like lifting weights. At first, it kinda sucks. And it’s annoying, and you don’t feel like you’re doing it right. But you keep on. Every day. You don’t have to believe in god. Just take 5 minutes to cleanse your mind and your soul.

On another note, my crafty endeavor for today, was a cool workshop that I taught, in midtown manhattan. We made some crocheted jewelry.

Here’s a few pics, before I post a simple pattern.

A desk shot, because I ALWAYS bring too much stuff.

This is Lexis and Vera. Can you believe that they are BOTH sagitarians, like me? Crazy! I never meet my fellow sun sign, much less two of them! And PS, both of them had boyfriends with the same sign. Even more spooky…woah.

Lexis. She’s REALLY trying to get the single crochet stitch. Keep trying, Lexis! You’ll do it!

This is Maria. She knows her shiaat. For reals yo.

Okay, so what we did, was we made a very funky crocheted bead garland. This is so fun, and SO easy! So fun.

Use any random skein of worsted weight yarn. I used amazing yarn for mine, Maria is using a nameless cotton yarn, because I forgot who made it. Sorry. I bought it about 2 years ago.

We also used some shimmering embroidery thread, by DMC Threads. I used pink, Maria used blue.

Here’s a better shot of what we made:

So, this is super duper easy.  Here’s a pattern, for what we made today. Note that there is no end really, because you just keep going until it’s as long as you want. You can actually connect it, and make a super long necklace, or you can make this for special occasion, like for Xmas or something.

So, you can either use Lion Brand’s Amazing Yarns, or a skein of Cotton Classic by Tahki Yarns, together with shimmering embroidery thread by DMC Yarns.

Here it is:


Row 1-8 SC in second ch from hook

Row 2-2 SC in each around (16)

Row 3&4-SC all around

Row 5-SC Dec. in each around (8)

Row 6-do it again, to make 4 sc.

Row 7-once more for the road, to leave 2 sc, then do a sc in the last two

Ch 12

repeat, repeat, repeat!

It’s that easy.

What do you think? You like it?