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Bettie Page, Marilyn Monroe, and a baby garland

So today, I’ve listed a couple pairs of earrings, and a few more garlands.

Bettie Page. I actually am not swayed one way or another about her, but I have a few friends who are fans of hers, so that’s the inspiration for these earrings.

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When I think of Marilyn Monroe, I think of pearls. I think of the color pink. And I think of a pair of earrings like these. I really like these a lot.

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I made a couple garlands, and realized that they fit my daughter’s head perfectly! So here’s a couple of garlands I made, that you can also choose to wear as a headband.

My little one modeling, of course. I realized that these can be worn as headbands, so I put her to work. I really like these more, now. I promised her I’d make her one, in repayment for modeling it for me.

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And I love this one. Green is such a pretty color.

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Oh, and I’m still doing my art journal. I’m going to work on an entry now, after I blog this. Then, I have four ATC swaps, a lucky parcel swap, and a jewelry swap. Sheesh! I’m really busy. But I like it. It’s fun to get things in the mail, don’t you think?

I’ll show you my art journal entry tomorow.

Until tomorrow, my crafty readers.

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The Launching of Bad Toy Mural

Today is the launching of the NEW etsy shop of my husband and I, called “Bad Toy Mural”.

This week, I’ll be listing our handmade goods, little by little and each day you’ll see some of the work we put into our boutique.

Today, I listed some of my hand crocheted garlands. I’ve listed these for sale, because often when I wear them, people stop me on the street, simply to ask me where I purchased them, did I make them, and that I should put them up for sale.

So I have.

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And another:

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And one more:

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I really enjoy making these garlands. I started making them because I was bored on the train, and wanted to make a project that was quick to crochet. A friend of mine had asked me to make something like this for her, for repayment for some photos she took, while I was doing a craft party.

I love the way the color changes in each flower, and I love to layer these necklaces with other necklaces.

Again, I decided to sell them, after hearing so many people tell me, “those are so pretty, you should sell them!”

I will be posting more today, as the day goes on.

I’m happy that etsy has changed it’s format, so that it isn’t so annoying to post a product. Before I had to go and resize each picture, it was so annoying. I’m glad they changed that.

I’m deciding today, to just focus on my future, and not my past. Too often, we look at the past.

Father’s day is a very hard holiday for me to be quite honest, as it conjurs memories of past hurts, and makes me feel angry at times, that nothing was done about the crap that I was going through.

Instead, my abusers choose to act as if they never did anything, and that all I am doing is making up lies. I don’t know any sane person who would want to make up lies about disfunction, but I know I certainly would not.

What heals me from all of the hurt, is being a wife and a mom. Really. It sounds corny, but it’s true. My spiritual path, in combination with my supportive and loving husband, and beautiful baby girl, have really made it so that I look forward to waking up every day, and being a mom and a wife. Not only am I those things, but an artist and writer. You see, THESE are the things that are healing to me. And so, by choosing to focus on the good things, happiness is illuminated.

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A Crochet Flower Necklace

I just made a couple of these for a swap I’m in. Cute, right?  I used Lion Brand Yarn for these. They have this pretty mohair blend that crochets up nicely.

If you happen to be a friend or family of mine, then guess what you’re getting for Christmas.

The Craftaholic

Fantasy Fiber Earrings

Today I made these beautiful earrings with Fantasy Fiber, by Art Glitter.

These are so super simple to make.

You’ll need an iron, fantasy fiber, hoops, and of course, earring backs.

All you do, is make the fiber, by laying it out on a piece of cardstock, and ironing it.

Then, you get your hoop, and gently fold it over the hoop, and iron it together. The ironing will work as a “glue”. That’s it! Poke a small hole to put the earring back, and that is it.

Now…want a little more shine to your earrings? I took different shade of fantasy fiber (brown), and put it on top of the earring, laying flat, sandwiched between two pieces of fabric, ironed it, burned the edges a bit, and this is what I got:

What a difference, eh?

So, what do you think? You like them?

The Craftaholic

Day 346: Wool Felt, with friends


“We should reexamine our own attitude toward others. Before pointing our finger at others we should point it toward ourselves.”

-The Dalai Lama

I can look within myself

instead of pointing

and looking

and accusing

I can just change



within myself

within me

instead of seeing what others do

and accusing others

of the mistakes you’ve made

Should we not just

seek the answers within?

So that’s that. Yesterday I held a workshop at the Brooklyn Bead box. We made the wool felt beads that I’ve been making. It was fun! We chatted, and worked with the wool roving. So much fun! Although no one wished to be photographed, I still got some good shots.

Here’s what I made.

Nice, right? I realized in that one of the swaps that I’m in on swap-bot, my partner is my personal friend! Cool, right? This necklace happens to be her favorite colors, so as much as I love this necklace, I’ll be sending it to my friend. Here’s some pics of the action yesterday.

I only wish that my workspace were as big as this, and that I had that many tools and supplies. That’d be nice.

So that’s that! What is on the spectrum today? Not sure. I normally have to catch up on emails and such on sundays, but luckily, I did that already! Yipee! So I’m unsure. Should I visit my parents in NJ or should I just stay home and make art with my little one? Hmmm. Well I am still not sure. I do have a couple things to catch up on. But it’s supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday too, so maybe I’ll visit my parents. We’ll see.

The Craftaholic

Day 343: Wool Felt Beads


“It is very wrong for people to feel deeply sad when they lose money, yet when they waste the precious moments of their lives they do not.”

-The Dalai Lama

For the first time in a long time, I don’t know what to say. It’s true tho, for all of us.

Anyway, I have been REALLY busy lately. I have lately started designing for Plaid Crafts, and I also have some workshops coming up that I have to design prototypes for. On top of that, my daughter has the sniffles and is totally OFF schedule! She stays up so late that it’s hard for me to get much work done! I’m working on getting her back on though, so I can finish my work!

Whoever said that working from home is easy, was not a work at home parent. It’s tough! Your work follows you, because you don’t have an “office” to commute to, so when you wake up earlier than the kiddies, it’s work time. Then when they are asleep or taking a nap, it’s catch up on email time. Then when they are watching tv, it’s dinner and cooking time. Then, scarf down some food, watch dishes, and get the kiddies ready for bed. Then, relax in front of the TV while you do some (of course) work.

It’s tough! But I love it, and I am glad that I can see my daughter grow up, and develop a close relationship with her by choosing to stay home. I love it. Life is so short and before you know it, you’ll have a teenager who doesn’t always want to hang out with you.

Anyway, so today I made some more felt beads for a workshop I’ve got on sunday.

It’s a simple wool bead bracelet with buttons as separators. I am actually REALLY busy these days. On top of designing for Plaid Crafts, from September to December I will also be a guest designer for Art Institute Glitter! Cool, right? I also have swaps, and workshops to create for. Holy moly.

I’m busy, yes, but I love every minute of it. It’s fun to be busy.

Tomorow I have a soap making workshop that will prove to be lots of fun indeed! We’re going to be making hot process soap. I also have a couple of fun projects up my sleeve. Hopefully next week it’ll rain ALL WEEK so I can stay indoors and just make lots of art. Tee hee.

The Craftaholic