Maiden of The Sea

by thecraftaholic

This morning I made a simple pair of earrings.

I call them, “Maiden of the Sea” earrings because they remind me of the Sea, and because they are made of genuine shell.

Pretty, right? They measure at about 3.25″ in length, and I plan on making a pair for myself.  But you can CLICK HERE to purchase them!

Oh, and some of you who know me personally know that on I go to an open mic every thursday on the lower east side, in manhattan. I love it, it’s like a family there.

At any rate, I went, and you know….last night was FULL of newbies. That’s fine and dandy, I suppose (as long as they don’t take my seat). One woman who read her poem came up with this FABULOUS journal, I LOVED it! It was a plain spiral notebook that she dressed up.

Inside, she had her poems written down, with stickers and things. It inspired me to do the same! Ribbons, watercolor paints, and all kinds of fun things will be used. I’m so excited, because I need a new proper journal. I have a little teeny tiny notebook that I jot down ideas and poems and things in, but I need a real notebook. And spiral notebooks are cheapo!

So that’s that.

The Craftaholic

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