By the Sea, and By the Mountains

by thecraftaholic

I just made another couple pairs of earrings. What I really wanted to do, was work on my journal idea, but it was too hot outside to do anything, which means I didn’t buy it yet.

Anyway, the first pair:

These here, are called “By the Sea” and are made of genuine Abalone Shell. CLICK HERE to purchase.

And here, is a pair of earrings made with genuine Rose Quartz Crystal, the stone of soul mates. CLICK HERE to purchase them.

So that’s that! I hopefully will be getting the notebooks today. I’ve been listening to Jamiroquai lately, and thinking that I really want to sing with my husband. You might not know, unless you know me very well, that I have got a set of pipes on me. I love to sing. I do. But I gave up pursuing it, since I am, in that sense, kind of private. Art is great, because you can be as private as you want, really. I have never sang in public before. But the other day, I was thinking that I want to.

So maybe I’ll suprise you all one day, eh?

Meanwhile, I hope you are ALL EXCITED about me, and my LIVE Show coming up in a couple weeks! Thirty minutes of me live, how could you resist?



The Craftaholic

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