TUTORIAL: Making Clay Jewelry

by thecraftaholic

Last week I posted a blog about some clay necklaces that I made.

I told you I would tell you how I made it, and I will.

It’s easy peasy.

You’re going to need:

White self hardening clay


an empty lip gloss pot

pearl ex powder

mod podge


Rubber Stamps (I used a set by Bombshell Stamps)

an empty jewelry box (to use as your “cutter”)

So I used PEARL brand Paperclay, because it’s cheap and you can bake it in the oven, along with it being self hardening. Nice, right?

Anyway, you have to knead the clay before you use it. For this, I reccomend squeezing it over and over in your hands. Just keep squeezing it until it becomes softer.

Then, you’ll need your rolling pin. Just roll out your clay. Not too thin, or your clay will break. Not too thick, or it will be annoying to wear.

Now, cut out a small square shape. I used a small jewelry box that someone put a piece of jewelry in. You know, the cardboard boxes. You could also use a matchbox.

Once you’ve done that, get your stamp out, and stamp your image. I recommend rubbing a bit of olive oil over the stamp before hand, so the clay won’t stick.

Now remember, you aren’t stamping on paper, so no need to pound on it. But make sure you get a good impression.

Now, on the top middle, poke a hole with a chopstick. This will be where you will string your pendant.

After that, there are instructions on the package telling you how to bake it, so follow them and bake it for a few minutes. I think I had put mine in for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Then, take it out, and let it cool.

Now, make your own shimmering paint.

For this, you’ll need the aforementioned lipgloss container, watercolor tubes of paint, pearl ex powder, and mod podge.

Mix together about a nickel size of watercolor, a bit of pearl ex powder, and a TINY bit of mod podge. I add mod podge because I got this idea from a youtube video, and on there, the woman calls for some kind of glue or something that I don’t have. So I just use mod podge because I’ve got plenty of that.

Now, you can use your newly blended shimmer paint the way you would any watercolor and paint your clay pendant.

After that, give it a good coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint and such.

And that’s that! It’s easy peasy, right?

Stay tuned, because tomorow, I will post the continuation with another variation of this, and more ideas on making clay jewelry. But again: I want some comment love!

I know you’re out there…..

The Craftaholic

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