Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic



I went in a spiral today, instead of the usual straight lines.

I decided to challenge myself this morning, and so I’m going to challenge you. What can you do in the morning, to make your life a little more happy, and a little more interesting and inspiring?

My normal routine was wake up, make coffee, drink coffee and eat breakfast while I catch up on emails. This morning, I made my coffee, ate my breakfast, while listening to Bob Marley. I wrote in my journal this morning. I did things a little differently.

What can YOU do to do things differently?

The way you start your morning is a good indication of how the rest of the day will turn out. So you can choose to wake up with a smile, and with your faith and inner peace on your side, or you can choose to wake up and think about all the things you have to worry about, about all the things that bother you, and then lead a miserable life and alienate the people around you that love you.

Happiness is a choice. You make the choice in each of your every day actions. Every day, wake up and be happy to have another day of life, it is truly a blessing. Wake up and be happy for things you might not think of, like the place you live in, the car you may drive, the children you have, the spouse who loves you.

No more suffering. Today, I choose to be happy. So I do things differently. I listen to music, I write in my journal, drink my coffee, and am inspired by the tunes of Bob Marley and the writings of Jal Ad-Din Rumi.

How will YOU do things differently?


The Craftaholic

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