A Recycled Coffee Sleeve Book

by thecraftaholic

Today, I had to post a little late in the day, because I haven’t had time today, to post in the morning, since my work was in progress.

I made a very fun little miniature scrapbook, which I posted a (sort of) how to, on my Examiner page, take a look, and see how I made it.

And that is that! Lucky for you, I’m not in a chatty mood here, which is good. One quick thought, though; I notice that when I make cards or scrapbooks, my desk ends up SOME KIND of messy. Oh man. Seriously. Stuff everywhere.


I won’t be blogging tomorow, because I’ve got a workshop to teach, and then after that I’m going to be spending time with the fams. So instead, I’ll be blogging on Sunday.

What else? I know I keep promising you video blogs and the launching of my food blog, but all in good time. A prego lady can only do so much, you know?




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