Hand Sculpted Beads

by thecraftaholic

Today, I want to share something I am SO proud of. I recently inherited a stock pile of polymer clay from a friend who was de-stashing. My husband, being the “classically trained” artist, is pretty good at sculpting. So, I put him to work, and together we’ve created this really cool beads that I hope you love.

This is a hand sculpted bead that I call the “The Third Eye. It’s bold, and is accompanied by four tear drops.

Cool, right? I decided to put them together, and make a pin:

You can buy this lovely set, on our etsy page HERE.

And here’s another item we’ve designed:

This is a lovely hand sculpted heart, with an eye that is crying. Perhaps the eye is crying out for love, and to be loved.

You can purchase this lovely art piece HERE.

It’s so much fun working with my husband. We have more pieces, too! Stay tuned in to my blog, and you’ll see more lovely goodies this week.

Yesterday, my husband and I went out on a hot date. Some friends of ours were playing a show, and we wanted to see them. They live up in rochester, NY and it is always a rare treat to go out and see them play. They were playing out in the city, so Jose asked his mom to babysit, and we went out for dinner, walked around a bit, and then went to see them play. It was so much fun.

One thing though: while crossing the street with my husband, I went and grabbed his hand to hold it, and then caught myself just about to say, “hold my hand, and be careful crossing the street”. Of course, this is due to motherhood. I am so used to telling my daughter this, that I almost told my husband, a grown man! Haha, I didn’t though.

That’s all for now.



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