Johnny and Audrey

by thecraftaholic

Today, I finished up a couple pairs of earrings. I couldn’t decide weather to use Johnny Cash first, or Audrey Hepburn, so actually…I did them both at the same time.

These earrings are made with little blue vintage beads, that hang from his guitar. He’s perfect for the rebel in your life.

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Here’s Audrey:

She has these pretty vintage inspired green flowers, below her torso.  These, and all my handmade earrings are ALL under $10! So inexpensive, to make such a cool fashion statement.

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What else? I’ve got a couple more ideas up my sleeve, for my shop. And this weekend is July 4, which is my mother in law’s birthday, so I’ve got to make something for her birthday.

The vegetarian thing is totally working. I have been avoiding meat for about 5 months, but strictly for about 2 months. Before I got pregnant, I started getting really sick whenever I’d eat meat, so I stopped. It started grossing me out, which helped with me foregoing it.

I have to say that I feel healthier and more alive now. I have a juicer, so I’m back to juicing, and I make smoothies with greek yogurt which is an amazing source of protein.

I guess that I’m living up to my one of my resolutions, which was to eat better. The other, was to go to school, which I am going to also start in the fall, part time. I found a wonderful online program that I’m excited about. I’ll be finishing up my application next week, and I guess I better get started with financial aid, eh?

Anyway, all this to say that I’m quite happy with where I’m at, and happy with where my life is headed. Life is good. Never perfect, but blissfully imperfect.



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