Handmade Affirmation Cards

by thecraftaholic

While I haven’t finished all the affirmation cards, I did do a few. Here’s what I got so far:


The key represents doors of opportunity, and success. The wings mean, dreams taking flight.

Now, before you look at me puzzled, let me explain. I’ve got Johnny Cash giving the finger here, because to me, choosing to be happy doesn’t happen when things are good. It has to happen when there are hard times. When you’ve got the lemons in your life, you simply look at the hard times in the face, and say “F%*#$ you, I’m going to be happy anyway”.

To me, that’s what he reminds me of when I think of choosing to be happy. It’s having the strength to go thru the sadness or grief or dark moments, and still say, F$%&*# you, I’m going to choose to be happy. The Buddha reminds me of this also, but in a different way. It’s about having that strength, and then having the peace within yourself, and letting go of expectations. It’s about inner peace. So the buddha and the peace sign remind me of that. And flowers, because I love nature. It makes me happy. And the sun because I love summer.

The Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of good fortune and wealth. The empty birdcage (from Stampin Up) reminds me of….freedom. To me, success goes hand in hand with having the freedom to believe in your dream, and the freedom to pursue it. But unlike a bird in a cage, you alone can give yourself the freedom to believe and pursue your dreams.

I’ve never believed in formulas to success. I firmly believe the only real secret to success is hard work. Blood sweat and tears are needed. Anyone who tells you differently is steering you wrong. Do what you love. Believe in your dream, and prosperity will follow.

I reference birds a lot because I really love birds. I admire the freedom they represent. Birds know how to move on. When the weather gets intolerable, they don’t just sit there miserable, groaning all winter long. They move on. When their babies are big enough to be on their own, the make them move on.

If we look to the birds, we can learn a lesson in moving on. Life is about moving. Life is movement, everything around you is about movement. You cannot remain stuck in the past, and think that you will be happy. Moving on, leads to you choosing to be happy. You see?
So that’s what I’ve got so far! Do you like them? You should make your own! Would you like a tutorial? Leave a comment on my BLOG HERE, and perhaps you shall be blessed with a tute!


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