An Owl for Becca Bluebird

by thecraftaholic

I realize I haven’t posted in a couple days, sorry about that. I frankly had been quite busy running around doing things, and have this work in progress, so I hadn’t had the time to post.

Anyway, recently, my friend Becca Bluebird came to visit, for the mermaid parade. I had so much fun hanging out with her and her husband. I made her a couple things.

One thing I made her, was a necklace.

That owl was from a charm bracelet that I received. I saved him, because he was too big to wear.

Here’s what the chain looks like:

I’ve been seeing necklaces like this around the city, so I thought I’d make one similar to what I’ve seen around the city.

This weekend has been fun so far. Today, hubby and I are going to work on some art projects for my blog and our etsy shop, and maybe go food shopping. I realized that if I plan a menu, I save a lot more money than just impulsive purchasing throughout the supermarket.

So I’m doing that. And I’m trying to go with more vegetarian foods. I really feel better when I don’t eat meat. I can’t cook it, because I get morning sickness. I can eat certain types, but I’ve been wanting to go back to my vegetarian ways for a while now, and it certainly is better for the environment.

The nice thing about baking is that 90% of what you bake is sweet and therefore, vegetarian. I did make a nice vegetarian stir fry last night and oh my god. I loved it. I’ve been meaning to start my food blog about all my cooking adventures, and I will soon. I need a better camera, to photograph food.

Today, I’m going to be working on more photo transfer jewelry, and some other pieces of jewelry for my etsy shop. That, and a project that I am VERY uber proud of. I wanted to wait, but I do not think I can. I’ll probably finish it today, and show you tomorrow.

Anything else? I’ve been writing some new poems, so I want to venture to a thrift store and find some old books to alter, so I can make a collage book of my poems.


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