The Launching of Bad Toy Mural

by thecraftaholic

Today is the launching of the NEW etsy shop of my husband and I, called “Bad Toy Mural”.

This week, I’ll be listing our handmade goods, little by little and each day you’ll see some of the work we put into our boutique.

Today, I listed some of my hand crocheted garlands. I’ve listed these for sale, because often when I wear them, people stop me on the street, simply to ask me where I purchased them, did I make them, and that I should put them up for sale.

So I have.

CLICK HERE to purchase!

And another:

CLICK HERE to purchase!

And one more:

Click HERE to purchase!

I really enjoy making these garlands. I started making them because I was bored on the train, and wanted to make a project that was quick to crochet. A friend of mine had asked me to make something like this for her, for repayment for some photos she took, while I was doing a craft party.

I love the way the color changes in each flower, and I love to layer these necklaces with other necklaces.

Again, I decided to sell them, after hearing so many people tell me, “those are so pretty, you should sell them!”

I will be posting more today, as the day goes on.

I’m happy that etsy has changed it’s format, so that it isn’t so annoying to post a product. Before I had to go and resize each picture, it was so annoying. I’m glad they changed that.

I’m deciding today, to just focus on my future, and not my past. Too often, we look at the past.

Father’s day is a very hard holiday for me to be quite honest, as it conjurs memories of past hurts, and makes me feel angry at times, that nothing was done about the crap that I was going through.

Instead, my abusers choose to act as if they never did anything, and that all I am doing is making up lies. I don’t know any sane person who would want to make up lies about disfunction, but I know I certainly would not.

What heals me from all of the hurt, is being a wife and a mom. Really. It sounds corny, but it’s true. My spiritual path, in combination with my supportive and loving husband, and beautiful baby girl, have really made it so that I look forward to waking up every day, and being a mom and a wife. Not only am I those things, but an artist and writer. You see, THESE are the things that are healing to me. And so, by choosing to focus on the good things, happiness is illuminated.

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