The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

by thecraftaholic

I went to the mermaid parade today. I took some cool shots.

Here’s a few:
Partial nudity is to be expected at the mermaid parade. Yep.

I always have so much fun. This year, we got there early, so I got some great shots of the parade! I didn’t feel TOO much like a jaded and annoyed New Yorker.

I had so much fun! I went with my daughter and husband, and my two good friends: Bekka & Tim. We have known each other for years, but actually just met this weekend! We know each other the internet, and maintained a close virtual friendship.

Today is father’s day, which gets me in a pensive mode.

At the risk of being sappy, I love the father that my husband is. Sometimes I tell my daughter that I wish I’d had a father like the one she has. He is loving, and shows affection openly, he communicates with her, and teaches her things about life, gives her wisdom and encourages her creative side.

He is sensitive, too. He buys her the things she wants and needs without expecting her to repay him with affection or humility. He’s just….a dad. He wants to be with her, and spend time with her.

He’s….a father. A good father. I love him.

Happy Father’s day to my darling.


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