Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

I decided to use a quote today, because I found it so inspiring.

A lot of times, you know, we decided we want something. We come up with some fantastic idea, or goal, or thing we’d love to achieve in life. What happens AFTER you’ve chosen this thing you want to do?

We start to think too much. We go through the process of deciding how the heck we are going to get there. In this process, rather than just have the blind faith, the “size of a mustard seed” we choose instead to start thinking in what I tell my husband is a most human way of looking at things; we start to think of all the NOs. We think of all the can’ts and won’ts.

It’s true what Dr. Suess said: anything can happen…anything can be. And it can. My husband, being a taurus and a New Yorker, is quite a speptic. It’s easy for him to think of the “yeah, but what if….”

I rather tell him no to worry about it. Neither should you. Let the universe attract what you want to yourself. Worrying, and thinking of the NO, will only attract more Nos.

I used a picture of my daughter today, because I’m reminded of a passage in the bible, where Jesus is talking to others, and says to them, that we must come to him as little children.

Perhaps he said this because children truly are examples of blind faith. They totally trust that what they want will eventually come to them. At least my daughter does. She is convinced that we are going to move to a different apartment, and get a dog AND cat. She knows it. It’ll happen one day, she says. And it will, perhaps because she’s informed the universe of what it needs to attract to her.

I take such an example from my daughter. I do. We learn barriers as adults.  We learn to put up fronts and barriers and blocks, to dream up ideas and then the reasons why no, to be sceptical….we say, “life has taught me this”. But life hasn’t taught you that. It was simply your response to some let down or other. Somewhere a long the way, we become heart broken. So we “protect” ourselves by putting up fronts and barriers so that even while we communicate, we are putting up barriers in between ourselves and what could be a new friend. Or a new job. Or a new door of opportunity.

When I left my parents home, to marry my now husband, I had a lot of NOs. A lot of these NOs were taught to me. I was told that I couldn’t make it, that I couldn’t succeed as an artist, that life would be difficult for me, that my husband would get tired of me….all these things were floating around in my head like little terrible ghosts, or like the floating heads in that one episode of “Charmed”.

It took me years to realize…that if I continued to believe the NOs, my life would simply end up a statistical no. One big no. I didn’t want that. I gave birth to my daughter, and I wanted to be an example to her, of what it is to come out from the ashes, rise yourself up, and become the person you want to be, rather than the person that someone else tells you that you should be.

It really is about loving yourself enough to realize…you ARE worth your goals and ideas, you CAN make things happen-step by step by step. Nothing happens overnight.

I’m still on the path. I may not be there yet. I’m still working on me, to make my life what I envision it to be. You can do it. If anyone come come out from a negative place into a positive one, it’s you. I did it. In fact, I’m still doing it; slowly walking the way, to enlightenment.

In this path, use your art to empower you, use your journal as your memoir. Years later you can look back, and see how far you’ve come.



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