Collaging About Myself

by thecraftaholic

Today, I decided to do something a bit different than what was in the book. I just wanted to do some collage work about all the things that kind of describe me.

So, here goes:

I like this spread a lot.

So I collect Lucky Cats. And the lady pictured there, was a women’s rights activists. I’m into that sort of thing. The pile of cheese wheels is because well, I love cheese. Seriously, I’m like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. Those of you across the pond know what I mean.

That’s Odetta, at the guitar there. She was a folk singer and activist. Frida, you know. The gentleman laughing there is (I think) the first african american to record music on record. And I love old music, hence the banjo and guitar.

Life is about experiences. Revolution is what we all should create within our world.

Tough, is what I had to be growing up in an abusive home.

Be heard, is what we all should long to be: to be heard, and to listen.


And of course, now I have to go to the art supply store because I ran out of gesso. Normally, I just use cheap folk art paint in white, but I also ran out of that.


So that’s that.


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The Craftaholic

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