The Beginings of my Art Journal

by thecraftaholic

I’ve decided to start working through a new book I got, called “Art Journal Workshop” by Traci Bunkers.

I happened to have this lovely vintage book to work with:

I love it! It’s a vintage children’s school book.

And here’s what I created. I hope you like it. If not, just lie to me and tell me you do.

You can’t see it, but there’s a lot of hand writing.

That little fortune was from some chinese take out a couple days ago. The picture was taken….gosh, about 11 years ago, back when I colored my hair a different shade of red for each mood I was in. I no longer abuse my hair that way. Although sometimes, I do get a little bored. But not to worry, grey hairs are starting to come in so it’s like mother nature’s highlights.

There are a few days of rain reported, which always makes for good baking, cooking, and art making.

I hosted an art swap with my art group, for which I ended up coming back with 5 jars of pearl ex powder, bricks and bricks and bricks of femo clay, liquid sculpey, beads, more seed beads than I know what to do with, and more beads. And more femo clay. And fun fur. Wow. I got a lot of stuff. It was such a blessing! Now, do you all have any good tips for what to do with all this femo clay?

Leave me a comment on my blog, and give me some tips! I’m serious!


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The Craftaholic

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