ATC Week: Day 4

by thecraftaholic

So I completed my set of 20 ATCs for this Mega swap that I’m in! This is the final 5 ATCs which incorporate a poem I wrote some time ago.

I’ll show you the pics of the ATCs, then I’ve posted the poem up, for you to read. The ATC version is slightly different, since I just felt inspired to do it that way.


You like it? These are just cut up pieces of cardstock, with cotton yarn wrapped around it, and then gessoed. After that, I painted it with watercolors. The words came from my typewriter, and then I glued them and colored them with PAN pastels.

So that’s that, really.  That last one is talking about my brother, if you want to know.

Since I do not have those cool little clear cases to send them in, I’ll be making my own. I got an ATC in the mail with a cool handmade envelope so I am using it as my template! Cool, right?  The only thing is that I have to make 20 of them. Good grief.

Tomorow will mark the end of my ATC week, so I hope you like what I have in store for tomorrow.


And, now for the poem:



when my

grandmother sang to me

taught me needlepoint and lace


and told me about jesus

(she of course, was the only one I believed)


before the earth shattered


death followed



reminded of the song

“Oh, I believe in yesterday…”


when my father sang songs written by

George Harrison

John Lennon and

Paul McCartney

at night, to help me sleep


when I gave birth to my daughter

just push

one two three, push


now she sleeps on my shoulder and shakes her almost four year old hips.


when I kissed her shoulder as she lay on my belly, naked

still purple


when she called me momma in the

book store in park slope

the woman next to me looked and smiled


when we were in love

when we were in love

but that particular yesterday, it’s today

it’s today that I love him and

he love me

yesterday he was a good boy


the other was not

yesterday when he told me to go to college


when I did not.

yesterday when I saw him in the kitchen


I think I heard him laughing

holding the baby I lost years ago


when I dreamed of all I have now


when I became my own


it’s all yesterday

blended to today

even now

right now

it’s yesterday

and now we look back and think

“Ah, yesterday, when life was simple….”

But it’s all yesterday

It all fades and blends in

like old jeans washed too often

like his old tattered tee shirt


cowboy boots so worn

that’s life

a collage of yesterdays


I choose today.



The point of the poem is that we look around at the past so much sometimes, that we forget to look at the beauty of the present day. Yesterday may have brought pain but today is where we are at now.

I hope you like my art and my poem.



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