Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

I’m such a jersey girl at heart. You know, growing up, my view of friendships was….different than what it is here in New York City. That’s not to say that New Yorkers are rude, just….scattered.

Living in new York City makes for strained friendships; people are so busy making their dreams happen here that they seem to forget what is important: love and friendship.

It reminds me of a passage in the bible the says that without love we have nothing. While I am not religious, I do believe that. Without love, we have nothing.

And it’s not just our love of art, but love within friendships and family. Nurture friendships and community. It is truly so important. Without that we are just little drones walking about, like robots. What separates us from animals is our need for community.

My message to New Yorkers and city dwellers is to take time to seek out a community. Take time for people. Call a person. Send them an email, and ask them how they are doing. You never know when you too, will want someone to call you, contact you, and see how YOU are doing. It’s karma. You can’t expect to flake out on a friendship and then expect the person to be totally okay with you.

Nurturing friendships is good for the soul. And good for your art. A friend can give you advice, give you an idea for that project you’re working on, or even be a source of inspiration when you just feel blocked.

How do you nurture friendships? If you really have to ask, then you are in serious trouble. Just kidding. Nurture a friendship by calling a person. Go out with them, ask what they are up to. Don’t just call them when you need a favor, or need their opinion.  Treat a person the way you deserve to be treated.

Friends are so important and having a community is important.

Nurture a friendship today.


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