ATC Week: Day 3

by thecraftaholic

So today I did a bit of collage work, for my set of 5 Artist Trading Cards.

Take a look:


For this one, I used an image I had printed wallet sized, at staples. I get a ton of them printed, because I use them in my photo Xfer jewelry stuff.

Then, the little hanging frida there, is a tiny picture I had printed, and then decoupaged it with mod podge on a large sequin.

And the quote was typed up on my gold old fashioned typewriter.

Oh man, it is so much fun to use a typewriter.

I like the little rhinestone heart, don’t you?


I love Billy Holiday, and I love this quote of hers. It’s true for everything, you know? It is always best to think your OWN thoughts and come up with your OWN ideas and not be afraid of expressing your true creative self.

Bob. Because he’s cool, that’s why.

This Bob does NOT need a rhinestone star. I think the sunglasses he’s wearing make up for the rhinestone.

I was so inspired by this typewriter of mine, that I’m attempting to type out a poem to use in some collage work in my art journal. I’ve decided I kind of like themed weeks for my blog. It’s kind of fun.

It’s really hot outside. Someone please come over with some coffee ice cream, please? It’s beginning to be too much. I don’t mind the sunny weather, but it’s too much to be hot and pregnant. Makes a person grouchy.



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