ATC Week: Day 2

by thecraftaholic

It being Day 2 in my week of making Artist trading cards, I thought I’d share a confession with you. While I do paint and do collage work, I don’t share that much on my blog. Yesterday, I wanted to do small versions of my paintings, with my poetry written on them. The thing that I failed to remember, is that my handwriting is quite horrendous.

Anyway, I scrapped those, and went for something else. Here’s what I came up with for today:

You like it? I used my stash of foam letters and thicker letters, over card stock, then painted it with gesso, yellow, and a sloppy coat of silver paint. Then I stamped music notes over the letters and a small flower stamp on the blank edges. I decided to do 5 of the same design today. I mean, I do have 20 to do.

What else? It’s tuesday, which means the Botanic Garden is free, so I’m going there with my daughter.  I made the most amazing chocolate chip cookies last night.

Oh, and after suggestion from both my husband, and a friend from my art group, I’ve decided I’m going to do some collage art with my poems and put together a book. What do you think?



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The Craftaholic

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