Frida in a Box

by thecraftaholic

So here’s a fun little item I just made.

I created this lovely shrine with some items that I got from The Sampler Kit, which I happen to love. You know, I really am a sucker for scrapbook kits.

But anyway, here’s the item of interest:

So the box is by Stampboard. The skulls I received from a swap. The little frame was actually black. I sprayed some spray adhesive and then sprinkled Martha Stewart glitter in turquoise. The Background paper is from the Sampler Kit, as well as the letters that read, “ART”.

I really like this, don’t you?

On a more personal note, I wanted to share with you a bit from my heart.

Most of you, or some of you know that I run an art group, called “The Craftaholic’s School of Art & Creativity”. Recently I’ve been thinking about my goals for this group, and what I really want out of it, and what I see.

I started running and organizing art groups because I saw a lack of community here in New York City. I saw so many talented people and none of them together. So I wanted to create a space where people create together and learn together.

For this reason, I’ve decided that I want to turn my group into a non profit organization. This will allow me to apply for grants, and bring more workshops to people without having to worry about finances, or what they can afford. Art is about creating, and I live to inspire others to create.

So, I’m asking that you please help me fund my dream. Originally, I had posted this as a project on Kickstarter, but unfortately they do not fund charitable causes. So I’m going it alone, with you and Paypal by my side.

Backers of $25 will receive a Day of the Dead Inspired Hand Bound Book, made by Diana “The Craftaholic”.

Backers of $50 will receive a framed one of a kind mixed media art piece made by Jose Delhart.

Backers of $100 will receive a custom jewelry set made by Diana “The Craftaholic”. This includes earrings and a necklace.

Please send any donations via Paypal to:


The Craftaholic

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