Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

It seems that lately I haven’t had to post a quote, as I have really had enough to say just on my own.

This week is no different. This week I want to chat with you about finding inspiration everywhere you go, and responding to hard situations.

Life is hard sometimes. We are in an economic time when I see Engineers and stock brokers working as EMTs. It is indeed a hard time for everyone. In these times, we often find outrselves split between our art and our responsibilities. Life gets in the way, we say. Times are tough, so we put our art on the backburner.

In the times when you are down it is important to seek out your art. Seek it out as a lover seeks his beloved. In this time, this is when your art becomes truly a statement of you, as you allow your worry and stress to become your inspiration to create. Allow that which stresses you, to become the subject of your art.

Write, paint, draw, whatever. Do it. Make it a priority.

How do you find inspiration everywhere? You can find it in the grass, in the flowers, in your daughter’s smile….everywhere. Life is good. Give it a chance.

Let the pretty flower you saw become the subject of a painting, or a card, or a poem. Let life inspire you, just in the everydayness of it. Then you’ll find that you can create, in good times and bad. In stress, and happiness.

Art shouldn’t be about selling a product, about consumerism and “buy it now”.  No. This is not art then. This is not creativity. Granted, I believe in a good product review. And if I find a cool product or store, I do share. But creativity is about being creative. It’s not about selling someone’s product.

When you step in to my classroom and take a class with me, I do not do all the work for you. I love to teach you how I did something, and then I always prompt my students to create their own statement. That’s just the way I work. I teach you how I did something, step by step, and then….make your own statement! Do you own thing! That’s art. That’s creativity. That’s the flow.

I love to teach. I really do. It’s so much fun to meet with people, and teach them how to make embroidered whosawhatitsits, or jewelry somethings, or whatever. It’s so much fun.

Art is like love. A friend of mine once told me that a person loves based on what their human idea of love is. So everyone loves in a different way. So then, to me, Art is the same. We all approach art based on what we have been taught, or what we have learned creativity to be.

I say, do you own thing. Always. Never imitate. And seek inspiration everywhere. Look for it in the trees, in the subway train, in the birds chirping in the early morning, in your cup of coffee…..

Art is everywhere, and art is everything. Think about it: an artist created the CD layout for that band you like. It took an artist to design your computer (esthetically). It took an artist to design the bottle of perfume in your cabinet. When you realize this, you realize art is everywhere, and inspiration is everywhere.

The Craftaholic

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