More Hand Dyed Yarn

by thecraftaholic

In repayment for volunteer services which I render to a friend’s after school program, I was given a trip to Materials for the Arts. If you’re not from NYC or do not know what that is, Materials for the Arts donates art supplies of all kinds to teachers and non profits.

I picked up a HUGE wheel of undyed wool yarn which has been in my closet for a while, beconing me. So, I took all the RIT dye I had, and dyed some yarn.

There’s red, purple and a sort of sea foam greenish blue. It’s teal, actually. But it reminds me of sea foam. I plan on making my floral garland necklaces with these. I also would love to buy more dye, and dye some more yarn. I LOVE dying yarn.

Today I’m going to see Paul Simon LIVE in Atlantic City. I am SO excited. Oh man. I’ve seen Bob Dylan, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Ziggy Marley, Norah Jones, Ben Folds, Willie Nelson, The Specials, Fishbone, and several others live. I love concerts. I love music because through music you get such interesting vibes. And when you go to a concert, you can feel the energy of the musician and the band, and wow. It’s almost cosmic, I think.

So I’m off today, to Atlantic City. I will try to take some pics, so I can post cheesy pics.


The Craftaholic

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