A Muse, made just for me

by thecraftaholic

So recently I had purchased these miniature dolls, made by Tim Holtz’s brand of products. It comes two in a pack, so I gave one to my daughter because I just cannot resist when she asks me for art supplies in that cute little voice of hers.

Then, you all know I went to the National Stationary Show. I was fortunate enough to meet Tim Holtz and his very nice marketing person, who sent me a little box of goodies for me and my art group to play around with.

Here’s an item I made with the little miniature dolls of his, and a few other items they sent me:

So now, here’s the thing. First of all, the chain was from a necklace I did not like at all. I loved the chain, but not the pendant, so I saved the chain. Secondly, it was my daughter’s idea to put wings on the back of the doll, so as she said, “it could be a fairy”. So that’s what I did.

Then I showed this to my husband, who said it would be cool to stain it, to look old somehow. I rememered that Tim Holtz has alcohol inks, which I also have some of. So this is what it looks like now:

You think it looks better before, or after? No wait, don’t tell me, since it is too late to go back to plain white.

Anyhow, I applied the alcohol ink and rubbed it in with a cotton ball, to smudge and smear it a bit. I like this necklace now, quite a lot. The charms that read, “wander” and “muse” are also Tim Holtz’s. I normally mix brands a lot more than I did today, but what can I say, I am a quiet fan.

So that’s that. I just saw a couple of documentaries that are REALLY awesome. If you have netflix, you can watch it from your computer. One was “Cropsey”. This one is a sort of urban legend crime documentary. I’m REALLY into crime documentaries. In fact, when I was a kid I wanted to be a cop. I did. I never pursued it, since my dad had told me women shouldn’t be cops. I obviously don’t believe that, anymore.

The other one I saw was called “Very Young Girls” which is filed under crime documentaries in netflix, but is about human trafficing in underage girls. I warn you, it’s really sad and at the begining, hard to watch. But it has a nice ending, I promise. It’s a good movie to watch when your kids are asleep.

That’s all for now, I suppose.

The Craftaholic

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