Product Review Friday

by thecraftaholic

Recently, I was fortunate enough to receive some samples from a cool new company that makes cards and gifts.

The company is called Tastement, and they make these lovely cards with a “subway” theme, and are really quite cool.

These cards are officially lisencensed by the MTA (the people who run the public transportation system in NYC). Pretty neat, eh? If you aren’t familiar, all these here are actual train lines. I live off of the F line.

With inside messages such as “there’s no stopping you now” and “9 stops to Parenthood”, they are quite fun little cards to give to your homesick friend longing for the city lights, or just for anyone who loves New York City as much as I do.

Lots of fun to give as cards, and modestly priced, at only $3.50 a card.

I say, run out and get a few of these New York Subway Cards. They are so cool!

The Craftaholic

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