Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

Toay I decided I wanted to talk to you about inspiration.

What inspires you? Do you even feel inspired right now? Sometimes, as artists we feel the inspiration, but as mothers, wives, friends and spiritual beings, we may not always. We tend to find ourselves pulled between our responsibilities and our inner selves.


It can come from anywhere. Anywhere!

Inspiration can come from necessity, it can come from desire. If you need something, make it. If you want something, make it. That’s my philosophy. I love to make what I need, rather than buy it.

My message to you today, is seek out your inspiration the way you seek your spirituality, or the food you will eat. It is just as necessary for an artist to make art, as it is to eat, and exersize.

Seek out your inspiration. Look at your children. When I feel blue, or when I need a boost, I look at how my daughter sees life. I go for a walk with her, and talk, just listening to how she sees the world is so inspiring. Don’t let yourself get sucked in with all the crap life deals you sometimes.

Seek your inspiration. That’s my message, short and sweet.

The Craftaholic

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