Crocheting, with friends

by thecraftaholic

Recently, I taught a few friends of mine from my art group, how to crochet. Here’s a couple shots of the fun we had.

That’s Yarrow, learning the (I think) double crochet. Go, Yarrow, Go!

Nice, right? This one was made with Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn.

It was so much fun! This weekend, it’s going to be bookbinding. I love book binding. In fact, I’ve got some new hand bound books I’ll be carrying in my shop soon.

What else?

Meh. Not much. It’s very busy in the Gonzalez household as we are all working on projects. Lots going on.

Anything else? No. Just nausea, as usual. The plus side is that at least it’s really nice out, so walking helps sometimes.

The Craftaholic

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