A Pretty Photo Wreath

by thecraftaholic

So here’s what I had laying around, forlorn and neglected: pictures of my family, a wreath (intended for last christmas), my May Sampler Kit, and my glue gun. Here’s what happened when I put them together: I spent what I thought would be a couple minutes, on this wreath. It gave me so much grief, because I could not decide on how to put it together. But here’s what I ended up with:

Believe it or not, it took me three or four tries, and almost all my glue sticks to make this. But I made this with my trusty May shipment of the Sampler Kit’s monthly kit.

I have said before, I love monthly kits. They are such a cool way to stock up on supplies that you normally wouldn’t know about or buy.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I am quite brand faithful. I stick to a few stores, a few supplies, a few brands, and use them for years and years. In fact, when I switched makeup brands for the FIRST time was when I was pregnant with my daughter and just broke out terribly. Oh, it was so bad. Luckily, I was working at a financial company, so I could afford to buy fancy shmancy face washes and such.

Anyway, that’s why I like a kit.

For this, I used some paper from last month’s kit, and stamped some butterflies by 100 Proof Press, and cut and glued them to make a pretty garland.

The dried flowers are some that my husband had given me, that I saved.

That’s about it!

What else? Oh, now that I’m a whopping 7 weeks pregnant, I have terrible nausea. I hate it. I never had nausea with my daughter at all. The BEST pregnancy except for the occasional crankiness and terrible acne.

This time, no acne (so far) but I am just wanting to throw up all the time. I hate it. I hate it because I love food, and I love to eat. It really sucks. So far, I can eat apples and pizza safely. And these chocolate bars that are sold in my neighborhood called “Kinder Bueno”.  And of course, chicken tostadas from the mexican restaurant in my neighborhood. Oh man, seriously I think they must put crack on their tostadas. They are so good.

So that is my only complaint so far. That, and what bizzarre dreams I am having these days! I had a dream that an old friend of mine became a preacher. Very odd, because I do not picture this person at all becoming a preacher whatsoever. Very strange.

So that’s that.

The Craftaholic

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