Goddess Earrings

by thecraftaholic

I realize I didn’t blog yesterday. Sorry about that. My daughter’s birthday is today, and so I’ve been scrambling around trying to get everything done, to celebrate her birthday today.

I did have the chance to make some earrings. Well, I’m lying. The truth is, I made these earrings a while ago, but for some reason, never blogged about them, so here they are. I love Indian goddess, especially the Goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of good fortune.

So that’s that. I also just finished making a red velvet cake, which is my daughter’s favorite. We’re not going to be cooking too much, because I have this volunteer work that I do on occasion, and I happen to be doing that today. So lite finger foods and such.

What else? Well me being the craftaholic, you’d think that I would have gone through the trouble of making cute little party favor bags, right? Nope. Wrong. I have had very little time lately, even for crafting. I’ve had to clean up the house, then there were doctor’s appointments, then meetings, and such.

Being pregnant now, I’ve been really bitten by the scrapbooking bug. I like to make small little scrapbooks, actually. What I want to do, is round up all my daughter’s pictures, and archive them in the scrapbooks I’ve made for her. That, and I’m working on a baby blanket for her, but I need to round up the $$ to purchase another 10 or so hanks of yarn to dye, since I realize I need more yarn to make this blanket for her. It’s not really a baby blanket, as she isn’t a baby. It’s a nice blanket for her to use as she gets bigger, which is why I need more yarn. So it will fit her, and not just the half of her.

Anyway, I’ve got to run.  But here’s wishing my first born child a very happy birthday. Since she’s been in my life, she’s brought me nothing but wisdom, happiness, and a few grey hairs.

The Craftaholic

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