Old/New Candle Holders

by thecraftaholic

I have a friend who is really into couponing. Because of this, it has peaked my interest. After christmas, due to coupons and a clearance section, I was able to get these little candle holders for about ten cents. Yes, really.

On another note, I also collect pretty napkins, mostly for collage work and candles and things. I went to an event where they had these pretty elephant napkins, I just had to make like a hillbilly and put some in my purse.

I decided to decoupage the candle holders, and here’s what came of it:

Originally, I had seen something like this on pinterest, but it was just a review for a book. These are quite easy to make.

Just get yourself a sponge brush, Mod Podge, and some candle holder thingies. Brush on the Mod Podge, and CAREFULLY put your napkin on, and smooth it over with your hand. Then carefully brush some more mod podge over it, and let it dry.

Easy peasy, right?

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