A Pretty Flock of Butterflies

by thecraftaholic

Recently I made a little card, and a set of embellishments.

It’s kind of a crappy picture, sorry about that. Here’s the inside.

It pops out to reveal a flock of butterflies. It’s a simple card, but I like simplicity.

Here’s the embellishments I made:

This was made with watercolor papers, watercolor paint, and then the stamp (Blockhead Stamps) was embossed. Nice, right?

What else? I’ve been a bit out of sorts. Just kind of scrambled around. I have lots of things pending, ideas and things that are finally going to start happening.

I’ve decided to revive my etsy shop, to carry a line of handmade soaps. Not yet, but that will happen this year. I love soap making, and I’ve decided to start selling in craft fairs with a friend, who makes candles. I’m so excited.

I’m also going to be launching a video blog, through youtube. It’ll be my own web show, with tutorials, reviews, and me chattering on about this and that.

Those are all in the works, so hence the short blog post today. Oh, and I’ve got my husband’s birthday, and my daughter’s as well. I’m off today, to make his gift. Can’t tell you, since he reads my blog.

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