A Frida Curtain

by thecraftaholic

I dunno, it just sounds right. I made this pair of earrings, inspired by the pair I finished yesterday.

They remind me of a beaded curtain.

Anyway, these are going in a stockpile of jewelry that I’m making for sale in craft fairs and such this year, with my best friend.

I have to say, I’m really into waking up early. I love it. My usual routine, is wake up, make coffee, crochet or draw while the coffee is making, and sit there  for a bit, sipping my coffee and drawing or crocheting.

Speaking of crochet, I am working on my daughter’s baby blanket. Oh man. I had starting knitting it, but after a while, I realized it would take me too long. So I frogged it, and now am crocheting it. I know I can do it, with crochet. That’s quick for me.

This week has started to warm up, weather wise. I’m so happy to be able to now take my little one to the playground, the park, and the zoo. It’s so much fun with her. Kids really are something else. There’s truly nothing more rewarding than being a mom.

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