A Pair of Chandelier Earrings

by thecraftaholic

Recently I made a lovely pair of chandelier earrings.

Cute, right?

I went a swap recently. I love clothing swaps. A lot of you who know me personally, know that I love clothing swaps. They are quite common in New York City, and in fact, I have not had to buy clothing for the past four years. They are so much fun too! You get rid of clothing you don’t wear, and stock up on cool new clothing. It’s fun.

I’ve been reflecting on Earth Day, and the Eco-system lately. I try to be pretty eco-sound. I don’t buy clothing, really (just undergarments and socks). In fact, the only things I really buy, are art supplies, and food, really. And I save my plastic bags.

Then of course, I try to be eco-friendly with my art supplies. I make my supplies, if I can, and puchase things like yarn and jewelry supplies in bulk, so there’s less packaging and such (because I tend to buy them online, so I try to buy it all in one shot).

Those are little things tho. I like to re-use old books that I’d otherwise throw away, to cut up in my Big Shot, and use as embellishments for various projects.

For me I guess, it comes down to making as many things as you can, as opposed to purchasing new things. In fact, this has prompted me to get back to soapmaking. If not for sale, at least for me.

Make things yourself. Make your own Twinkling H20s, your own glitter glue, etc. Try, at least. You’ll find that you’ll save money, as well as being kind to the earth.

But here’s a challenge for you, that I desparately need an answer for: what do you do with dried out markers? I have these Chart Pac Blender pens that I use, and I hate to see such waste! Any ideas on what to do with them once they dried out, other than throw them away?

Oh, and my best friend and I are thinking about selling our jewelry creations at fairs this year. What do you think about that?

The Craftaholic

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