A Hand Bound Book For Lisa

by thecraftaholic

Sort of, that is. I think I had blogged about this one already, but this time it’s for sale, so I’m re-posting. Hope you don’t mind.

This is a hand bound sketchbook, with 100 pages of recycled paper, bound with my signature cardboard hardcover, a vintage picture frame, and hand dyed flower in the middle.

I originally made this as a sketch for a workshop, for my friend Lisa Kettell, but due to our busy lives, it never happened. So I have decided to put this baby up for sale, in my shop.

You like it?

I should make more of these, I think.

Hmmm. As far as food cravings are concerned, pizza is quite popular in this house. Homemade is even better. Yum. With ham and onion. Oh man.

What else? Well, my art supply closet is back to being a splendid mess. I do want to organize it, though. An organized mess, you know? Right now, it’s a bit too cluttered, even for me. And that’s saying a lot. I did de-stash some things tho. I’m getting rid of a bunch of rubber stamps I don’t use and such.

Things like fabric and paint, I never get rid of, though.

The Craftaholic

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