Inspiration Thursday

by thecraftaholic

Today’s post is without a quote because I wanted to talk to you about love. And stuff.

For the most part, I’ve always been creative. I’ve been drawing, and writing since I was a little kid. No one ever really encouraged my creativity at all. In fact, my parents would discourage it a lot.

When I met my husband I would make “altered art” by buying dollar store frames and doing mixed media collage work over them. He of course, is a “classically trained artist”. When I would talk to him about the things I created, I never really thought of myself as this amazing artist. But he did. He encouraged me to keep writing and keep creating. So I did.

In life, we should seek in our partner or best friend, someone who can encourage and uplift us to become the very best us. That is what my husband has done for me. My husband and daughter are the best things that ever happened to me. I love that I have this amazing and creative person as my husband, this man who not only encourages me to create, but has the mind to give me more ideas, and gives me insight on how to make a particular creation better. I love that in him. I love to bake with him, and make art right next to him, and really, I normally do not like to gush, as it is not my style at all.

But I wanted to share my experience with you. And I want to encourage you to seek out creative partners, friendships and loves. It’s important for an artist to share that kinship with their partner, I think. Seek and you shall find, that’s what the bible says, right? So do that.

I remember for me, I always wanted to find this amazing creative person. When I was seeking out a partner, I remember I had a good friend named Joel. And I was dating this guy, who was/is a marine. He’s a good person, and a cool guy, but we ended things (though actually he’s my friend on FB). I remember Joel telling me, “Diana find someone who’s more like who you are, and what you enjoy to do; you’re an artist, so seek that in a person” he would say, when I’d ask him for dating advice. So in a rather kismet way, I found out that a fellow who my husband played with at the time knew my friend Joel. Joel told me, Diana introduce yourself, Alex is a cool guy! So I did.

Anyway, eventually Jose and I met and I remember our friend Arturo telling me what an amazing artist Jose is.

So that’s my story, sort of. I really believe in true love, and finding your soulmate, and seeking a person who has the values and shares the things with you, that are important to you.

So seek and you will find. When people ask me for advice on finding a partner, I tell them, seek your partner in YOUR element.

So that’s that.

The Craftaholic

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