Secret Potion Necklace

by thecraftaholic

So here’s another pair of earrings that I just made. Yes, I’m back in the jewelry kick.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace, don’t you?

So here’s what I did: I had bought a set of little bottles all cute and packaged up by Tim Holtz;  I distressed it, and filled it with glitter.

I have this lovely piece for sale in my shop.

What else? I made a chocolate ganache cake for my husband this weekend, because it’s his favorite.

Oh, and I have this necklace, also for sale:

Cute, right? I like it. I like them both, actually.

Not much else to say this morning, actually. I’m just a bit tired, and I begrudgingly must run errands today, when I’d rather be home and relax. But I shall comfort myself in knowing that at least I can draw on the train, which is something I do enjoy doing.

The Craftaholic

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