More Scallop Circle Flowers

by thecraftaholic

Here’s another take on my ever-favorite scallop circle flowers.

I cut the flowers with my Big Shot, using a scallop circle die, and pages from a book that I didn’t care for. I would reccomend buying a dictionary, or using a newer book for this project, since vintage pages are a bit too fragile for that.

I used my PAN brand Pastels, and my own Twinkling H20s that I made myself. How did I do that? I used a handy dandy video from Youtube.

That video is SO awesome. In the last photo, you can see how it really adds a nice shimmer. I really enjoyed this. These scallop flowers are a fun for scrapbooking if that’s your thing, or for card making if you like that too. I personally will be adding a spray primer that makes the paper “hard” and waterproof, so I can make them into hair clippies.

You like it?

Today, I’m off to Chinatown, to buy supplies for a workshop that I’m teaching this weekend. I love chinatown, don’t you?

The Craftaholic

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