A Collage Podge Book

by thecraftaholic

Recently, for one of the last art swaps I’ve joined, I created a hand bound collage book.

The cover is made from vintage fabric from my stash. The lace trim you see there, is also from my stash. Can’t remember where I got it. The fabric was given to me by my husband’s old co-worker who was quite the seamstress.

That’s a glimpse of the inside. It’s nice, right?

This book was sent out in a swap, but I can make one like this for you, if you want. Just leave me a comment and I’ll email you back.

It’s so fun to make books like this. I love it.

What else? I’m quite busy lately. Tomorrow, I’ve got to bake a cake for a friend in my poetry group who’s birthday it is. Red Velvet cake. I usually bring my leftover baked goods, so that’s what I’m up to.

Also, I took a trip to Dick Blick and got some stuff to make my own twinkling H2Os! More on that on Friday.

The Craftaholic

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